ESTÉE LAUDER + GreenGale Publishing

Estée Lauder has the opportunity to own an online advertising & email marketing program on GreenGale Publishing websites. For four weeks, sponsored ROS advertising, online sponsored content, & a dedicated email marketing campaign will promote Estée Lauder, with a focus on driving traffic to the site, as well as awareness for Tom Ford, La Mer & Jo Malone. All content will contain custom call-to-action linking to the Estée Lauder website, and will be pushed through GreenGale's extensive social & email marketing channels. Program also includes event activation at a GreenGale event over the holiday season.


Program Overview

GreenGale will work with consultation with Estée Lauder to create and promote engaging online content. The program will run for 4 weeks on the following GreenGale titles:

- Gotham (
- LA Confidential (
- Michigan Avenue (
- Ocean Drive (
- Austin Way (

The program will consist of 4 pieces:

1. Sponsored Content

GreenGale will produce custom content relating to Estée Lauder. Our online editors will work closely with your team to develop topics that are in line with your marketing goals and objectives. Possible topics ideas could include a combination of (but are not limited to):    

"Turn Back Time in 2017"  
"Refresh Your Home in 2017"  
"New Year, New Makeup: How To Refresh Your Collection"

GreenGale will ensure that the content resonates with your target audience, while still being timely and relevant to our readers. All content will contain custom CTA encouraging people to visit

2. Email Marketing

Estée Lauder has the opportunity to reach our list of high-quality, opt in subscribers via our email marketing program, with inclusion in both of the following:   
Monthly e-newsletters, via promo edit or leaderboard display ad.  
Dedicated e-blasts. Content can be determined after consultation between Estée Lauder & GreenGale .

3. Social Media Promotion

GreenGale will promote Estée Lauder to our engaged followers via our social media channels. Content can be determined after consultation between Estée Lauder & GreenGale content editors.

4. ROS Advertising

GreenGale will provide Estée Lauder House Priority ROS advertising for the duration of the program (970x90 large leaderboard, 300x250 medium rectangle, 300x600 half page, and 728x90 interstitial).

Deliverables & Commitment

Per market: 
- 1 piece of sponsored content, receiving prime placement on homepage rotator
- 1 dedicated email blast 
- 1 e-newsletter placement (promo edit or leaderboard)
- 2 sponsored Facebook posts
- 2 sponsored Instagram posts
- 2 sponsored Twitter posts
- 4 weeks house priority ROS display ad advertising 

Event Activation

This winter, GreenGale Publishing is featuring the upcoming social media stars who power our cities and inspire us with their unique discoveries. These individuals will be celebrated in book, online and at exclusive VIP events in each market.

To toast these trendsetters, each title will host an invitation-only VIP cocktail reception celebrating their growing influence within the market. The event will take place at an upscale venue in each market and will feature interactive on-site activation, which can include a photo booth powered by Estée Lauder with gif or video capabilities where guests can share their new year's beauty secrets, or an on-site beauty suite where guests can get makeup touch-ups or purchase product.).

Total package commitment:
1 market: $7,500
3 markets: $6,500/market
5 markets+: $5,500/market



Our  Audience

Through our strategic distribution model and significant investment in verified data from Nielsen Claritas, GreenGale Publishing is the only regional, lifestyle publishing company that is guaranteed to reach the sophisticated and affluent audience in each of our cities.

• Annual Household Income of $200,000 or More

• Income-Producing Assets of $750,000 or More


• We maintain a strong social presence in each of our markets, with 116,000+ Facebook likes, 111,000+ Instagram followers, and 93,000+ Twitter followers,  

• We also have a strong email marketing platform, with 57,000+ high quality, opt-in email addresses across the the above-mentioned markets.

• Our sites receive over 250,000 unique visitors a month, and generate over 580,000 pageviews


• Our sites use a custom PHP backend, which allows us greater flexibility with custom content than our competitiors. Sites are fully scalable, and optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. 








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For further information, please contact: 

Kathleen Fleming

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