Accessory of the Week: Hermes Scarf by Ugo Gattoni

By Gotham Staff | March 14, 2018 | Style & Beauty National

Hermes' stunning scarves are the ultimate accessory of the week.


Le Grand Prix du Faubourg by Ugo Gattoni, Hermes (price available upon request).

Ugo Gattoni loves visual puns and optical accumulations. Together, his wonderfully assured, masterful hand and fantastical imagination create rich dream-worlds whose every corner holds a surprise, or a curious detail. True to form, his latest carré depicts 'an imaginary race in a phantasmagorical Faubourg.’ Space and time are telescoped to depict every period at once, in the history of the Paris street on which the house of Hermès first opened its doors almost a century and a half ago: a vibrant mix of architecture and advertising, stories and anecdotes from across the eras. The crowd pours around a bend in the Faubourg, colorful, festive, and bursting with energy. Acclaimed racing cyclists, flying boats, zeppelins, and balloons fill the composition.

Photography by: Photography courtesy Hermes