Aura's New CBD-Inspired Accessories Are a Chic Addition to Any Pax or Juul Users Wardrobe

By Gary Duff | June 6, 2019 | Style & Beauty

For Pax and Juul users, this chic CBD-inspired accessory from Aura is a must-have.


The Double Duty Belt Chain, Aura ($175).

You might have spotted Aura's new leather cases and belt chains on some of Instagram's biggest influencers at Coachella this year. The handmade pieces, which are crafted in New York, are the latest in a string of CBD-inspired products and accessories to hit the market. Whether you're looking for a more subtle addition to your wardrobe (the brand's "City Slicker" belt loop might catch your eye) or a bolder belt chain (see the one above), there's never been a better time to accessorize your Pax or Juul.

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