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The 13 Best Pizza Slices in NYC, According to Jaymee Sire

Addison Aloian | March 3, 2021 | Food & Drink Feature

Scarr's Pizza in NYC

Pizza is without a doubt one of the most delicious and majestic foods ever created. With so many ways to create your own perfect slice, there’s literally no way to go wrong. Of course, some might argue there is. Pineapple on pizza, anyone?

Many call New York City the pizza capital. Our thin slices are legendary, made from the best dough thanks to strong minerals in our water. Add to that a variety of sauce a million toppings to choose from.

With a classic pizza joint on every corner, how do you know where to put your money? To parse the pizza landscape, we enlisted Jaymee Sire, former ESPN anchor-turned-Emmy Award-winning Food Network television host, and now podcast host of “Food Network Obsessed.” She contributes to Beat Bobby Flay, the Food Network Kitchen app, and more. Plus, she runs her own food blog at We trust her gut.

From her all-time favorites Scarr’s Pizza and L’Industrie, to square slices at Paulie Gee’s and the classic Joe’s, these are Sire's picks for the best pizza spots in New York City. Follow Sire on Instagram while you're at it.

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Undisputed All-Time Favorites:

Scarr’s Pizza

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A post shared by Scarr's Pizza (@scarrspizza)

22 Orchard St. / Website

A classic on the Lower East Side, Sire says there's no way to go wrong. “Their plain cheese slice is just absolute perfection,” she says. “Just what a New York slice should be.” If you wanna switch it up, she also loves the Sicilian. Scarr’s puts emphasis on sourcing the best ingredients possible and even started milling their own flour. That's makes these slices unlike any other pizza in town.

L'Industrie Pizzeria

254 S 2nd St., Brooklyn / Website

Another all-time favorite for Sire, L’Industrie has a famous Burrata slice. “It’s basically their cheese slice, but then they put this big spoonful of burrata on top, so you get the hot, warm traditional cheese pizza but then you kind of get this bite of cool burrata that’s super creamy," she says. "They also drizzle it with a really good olive oil and top it with grated parmesan." L’Industrie, like Scarr’s, also takes pride in their ingredients. “Just getting the best ingredients can make a huge difference,” Sire says.

Di Fara Pizza

1424 Avenue J, Brooklyn / Website

Sire loves Di Fara for nostalgic reasons and strongly believes there's something special about the original location in Midwood. “I'll never forget my first time biting into this delicious OG New York cheese slice with freshly snipped basil,” she says. "I just think there’s something that does make a difference with the oven, using one that’s cooked thousands of pizzas.” Owner Dom Demarco made Sire’s very first Di Fara slice, so this spot will always be special to her.

Square Slices:

Paulie Gee's Slice Shop

110 Franklin St., Brooklyn; 60 Greenpoint Ave., Brooklyn / Website

“The Hellboy2 is the move here,” Sire says. “It’s kinda different than a traditional Sicilian slice, and it’s just really good.” This magical bite is an upside-down Sicilian with sesame seeds embedded in the crust. The cheese goes on first, then the sauce. The pizza also features ‘roni cups and a drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey - Sire’s absolute favorite topping for pizza.

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Mama’s TOO!

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A post shared by Mama's TOO! (@mamas_too)

2750 Broadway, Manhattan / Website

Mama’s TOO! Is an Upper West Side gem with a host of unique slices. Sire mentions their Cacio e Pepe slice as fantastic a addition to their triangle slices and pepperoni squares. “I’m obsessed with how the cheese bakes into the edge of the crust for a perfectly crispy, cheesy bite loaded with those beautiful cups of pepperoni,” she says.

Corner Slice

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A post shared by CORNER SLICE (@corner_slice)

600 11th Avenue at W. 45th St., Manhattan / Website

Located within Gotham West Market, this spot is known for a wide variety of toppings. When Sire made her way to Corner Slice, she had her eye on the special. “The fennel sausage is really delicious and the crust is light, yet crispy,” she says. “It was a slightly sweet sauce, and I don’t normally like a sweet sauce, but it wasn’t overly sweet.”

Village Square Pizza

147 Avenue A, Manhattan / Website

Village Square Pizza has a variety of influences and executes one of Sire’s favorite slices. “It was started by a former Prince St. employee, so it’s very similar to Prince Street," she says. "It’s everything people love about Prince Street, but they also have Mike’s Hot Honey as an option to get on the side ... Slightly charred and crispy ‘roni cups are something I dream about.”

Rizzo's Fine Pizza

30-13 Steinway St., Queens / Website

Rizzo’s does simplicity very well. “Their specialty is a 'thin slice Sicilian' which was a unique take that I enjoyed,” she says. “It’s not totally blanketed in cheese. It’s more like a big dollop on each slice.” Although their Lower East Side location has closed, their Astoria location is thriving.

L&B Spumoni Gardens

2725 86th St., New Jersey / Website

A popping spot in the summer, Spumoni Gardens is a great place for peaceful picnics when the weather is warm and the sun is shining. “A lot of people swear by it,” Sire says, explaining that it’s been around for a long time. “Their sauce is on the sweeter side, if you like that. I think it’s good.” Pizza here is usually sold by the pie, but if you want a slice, you can walk away with regular cheese.

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Always Reliable:

Joe's Pizza

Multiple locations in Greenwich Village & Midtown / Website

You can’t talk about pizza in New York without Joe’s. “I think it’s consistent," Sire says. "You know what you’re getting there." Although the sauce is a little too sweet for her taste, Sire still includes it as one of her favorite reliable spots. “I’ve eaten at Joe’s tons of times, and I think it’s a really solid slice.”

Best Pizza

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A post shared by Frank Pinello (@bestpizza33)

33 Havemeyer St., Brooklyn / Website

A confident name, how could you not want to at least try this place? Best Pizza is a beloved spot and does many types of slices well. Sire’s favorite? “I think that they have a really great white slice," she says. "I think it has ricotta and caramelized onions. Some people swear by Best.”

Williamsburg Pizza

Multiple locations in Downtown & Brooklyn / Website

Sire insists that Williamsburg Pizza is another fantastic spot for a classic New York slice. “I think it’s, in my mind, similar to Joe’s," she says. "I think Joe’s is a little bit better, but again, it's a very classic New York slice, so I think it’s a very solid spot."

Bleecker Street Pizza

69 7th Ave S., Manhattan | Website

“It always hits the spot!” Sire said. With several pizza shapes and creative slices such as the house special, chipotle chicken and buffalo chicken, it makes sense why this West Village spot cranks out some of the tastiest comfort food. They also have salads and pasta.

69 7th Ave S., Manhattan / Website

“It always hits the spot!” Sire said. With several pizza shapes and creative slices such as the house special, chipotle chicken and buffalo chicken, it makes sense that this West Village spot cranks out some of the tastiest comfort food. They also have salads and pasta, if you want something fresh on the side.

Photography by: Photo by Athena from Pexels, Justin Aharoni