The Perfect Hamptons Road Trip, Presented by BMW of Manhattan

By Christina Najjar | July 31, 2018 | Lifestyle

Is there anything more fun than a summer road trip? We think not. And yet, road tripping is an art in planning and execution. Where are we going? How long will it take? How far is it? How often do we need to make a gas-station pit stop? You want to arrive fresh at each stop, so there’s plenty of energy for the next one. So enjoy your next road trip from the comfort of the BMW 530e xDrive. With plenty of room for four adults, grab your friends, pack the trunk and aim for The Hamptons for a weekend getaway. With more than 400 miles of combined range, you’ll get there and back without having to waste time at the gas station.


Preparation: The Night Before

A successful road trip requires proper planning and preparation. So let's charge up and gas up the night before. Google Map-search for the nearest gas station and fill up. Then fire up the BMW iRemote application on your smartphone and locate the closest parking garage with a Level 2 charging station. Leave the 530e plugged in overnight* and you'll be at 100% when the journey begins.

Stop One: Fuel Up for the Journey Ahead

The car is juiced up and fueled up but before you set out from the city, you’ll need some caffeine! New York City isn’t exactly a drive-through place, but Jack’s on Reade Street has you covered. The Tribeca outpost of arguably the best-iced coffee in the city has a little walk-up window, so you can watch your car while you order your brews to go. Throw in a gluten-free doughnut for good measure—you won’t regret it! What’s more, with up to 16 miles of all-electric range on a full charge, you’ll get through New York City without ever burning a drop of gas. Jack’s Stir Brew Coffee, 139 Reade Street


Stop Two: Toes in the Sand

Get on the road early enough and you’ll be in Southampton in just a few hours. No one can resist that first sight of water, so stop at world famous Coopers Beach and dig your toes into the sand and even get in the ocean! With a combined fuel economy of 72 MPGe, you’re 530e has barely taken a sip of fuel. And with the all-conditions traction of xDrive, you’ll make short work of the small uneven beach lanes, so you can get as close as you want**. Coopers Beach, 268 Meadow Lane

Stop Three: Lunch in Style

After you’ve worked up an appetite running around on the beach, head to EMP Summer House for a bite at Chef Daniel Humm’s (of Michelin-starred Eleven Madison Park fame), laid back pop-up. The food is to die for and everyone who is anyone has been spotted dining there this summer. EMP Summer House, 341 Pantigo Rd.

Stop Four: Shop Till You Drop

The Hamptons is known for its beautiful style and the shopping reflects the gorgeous taste of its residents. Though all the shops may look unassuming, you’ll find every heavy hitting designer in one corner of the Hamptons or another. After lunch, look no further than the Goop pop-up in Sag Harbor for a beautifully curated shopping experience. You’ll find the best of the best in clothing, home goods, and more in this divine space. With the BMW’s iPerformance, all of the back-and-forth has actually partially recharged the 530e***. Take advantage of eBOOST and all 248hp and 310lb/ft of torque to make quick work of traffic, dipping, dodging and accelerating when you need it most! Goop Sag Harbor Pop-Up, 4 Bay Street


Stop Five: Dinner Time at The Clam

Road tripping is hungry work, and nothing beats a proper seafood smorgasbord at The Clam. It’s no muss and no fuss. Just pull your car off Montauk Highway right into the Clam’s parking lot. Best of all, with fuel-saving settings, you won’t even be out of gas because your car is so fuel efficient.

The Clam is outdoor seating only, and all the chairs and tables are plastic. Yet, this is definitively the best spot to have dinner at the end of a road trip. The menu changes because everything is fresh, but you’d be crazy not to end the day with one of The Clam’s divine Lobster Rolls.

As the evening comes to a close, you’ll rest easy knowing you have plenty of range left in the 530e, so you have one less stop to make on the way home. The Clam Bar, 2025 Montauk Hwy

For more information on the BMW 530e xDrive, iPerformance, and how to enjoy a rewarding and efficient road trip, visit BMW of Manhattan or to learn more. *The BMW 530e xDrive will fully charge in about 3 hours on a Level 2 charger. **BMW’s xDrive provides sure-footed traction in many situations, but is not designed for off-road use. For more information on BMW’s xDrive, visit ***When is “Sport” mode, the BMW 530e xDrive will actively charge the on-board batteries to nearly 50%. Charging is affected by climate & temperature changes. Individual results may vary.

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