Finally, a Sheet Mask Made for Men

By Christina Najjar | June 6, 2019 | Lifestyle

Jaxson Lane spotted a big hole in the grooming market. Sheet masks have been all the rage for a while with women, but what about for men? While there are many men secretly stealing their girlfriends’ masks here and there, the truth is men have bigger faces and different skin concerns than women. Enter Bro Mask, the mask for men from Jaxon Lane founded by the super smart duo Alex Penfold and Jen Yu. We chatted with the team about this amazing product that is being heralded as the first of its kind...


What inspired you to create Bro Mask?
ALEX PENFOLD/JEN YU: Jen came home late from work one night and found me sitting in bed with one of her Korean sheet masks on. She laughed and asked how many other guys I thought were out there dipping into their girlfriend/wife's sheet mask stash. That was the aha moment for us. We knew there was an opportunity to create products for men that are as good as, or even better than what is available in women's skincare. We decided to design a mask that is super high quality, sized up for men's larger faces and comes in two pieces so it can be worn by men with beards.

Why do you think Men's Wellness has been slow on the uptake?
AP/JY: Previous generations of men were brought up to think wrinkles and calloused hands were a sign of masculinity, proof that they'd suffered through hardship perhaps. Even though that's not the case anymore, there really hasn't been much investment by big beauty companies in premium skincare for men. You might get some "man scented" stuff at the drugstore, and that's about it. Today, there's a new generation of men who exercise regularly, eat well and care about how they look. Talking and thinking about self care is now encouraged. They just need to be informed about the importance of skincare and have access to really exciting products that work.


What's been the best part about building your brand?
AP/JY: Working together as a husband and wife team makes those long hours much more fun! We find ourselves brainstorming new product names while we are on a hike, or hunting for new trending products on business trips to Korea together. Starting a business is a ton of work and we also have a 2-year-old son. Even though sometimes it's hard to do it all, the best thing is that work doesn't take us away from our family.

What's next?
AP/JY: We are thrilled about the traction we've had with Bro Mask and are excited to launch two new skincare products this summer. Just like Bro Mask, both products have been developed in Korea and will deliver high-quality ingredients with fun tongue-in-cheek messaging. Our aim is to continue to bring innovative ingredients to the market, focusing on educating on why you should add these to your skincare routine and prioritizing taking care of your largest organ. The Bro Mask is in retailers like Mr.Porter and Urban Outfitters and we're working on more retail partnerships. Stay tuned!

What's your best wellness tip for men?
AP/JY: If you only do one thing, use a daily moisturizer with high SPF. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the US and the most common cancer for men, but it is almost entirely preventable with daily sunscreen. Most men don't think about their skin until it's too late. Plus, it helps prevent wrinkles from developing later in life.

What are you most excited about for this summer?
AP/JY: We are excited to hit the road to meet all of the wonderful editors and buyers that have really embraced Jaxon Lane. And of course, try to sneak in a vacation day or two while we are out in New York City.

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