Bryce Monkivitch on creating his e-commerce empire that generates $1 million annually With Sincerely Sally

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | May 7, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Bryce Monkivitch is a young Australian e-commerce genius who has created various fashion brands in a short period of time. The entrepreneur gradually built an e-commerce empire with four amazing fashion brands. Besides these brands, Bryce Monkivitch also owns a men’s jewelry brand and an online store for home décor items. His business has been listed among the top 100 fastest growing online businesses in Australia.


Bryce Monkivitch’s flagship brand Sincere Sally (@sinceresallyboutique) is one of the top-rated fashion brands globally. It generates more than 1 million USD in revenue every year. The brand has carved a niche for itself among fashionistas for its elite collection and latest trends. This is the reason Sincere Sally has grabbed a lot of attention on Instagram and Facebook. The brand now competes with world-renowned fashion brands like Fashion Nova, Nasty Gal, and Princess Polly.

Desperate to achieve financial independence, Bryce Monkivitch started working 80 hours a week as a contractor and simultaneously pursued various business degrees. He used every penny he saved to invest $5,000 to launch a women's fashion store on Shopify. The store was selling fashionable swimwear, sportswear, casual wear, and trendy accessories. Gradually the business took off and Bryce Monkivitch has never looked back since.

To prove his entrepreneurial skills, Bryce Monkivitch ventured into business by selling dog hats on Facebook and Instagram. Even though he managed to get a supplier from Alibaba, the craze for dog hats dropped and business came to a halt in 2018. This was a life-changing experience for him. He learned valuable lessons including the need for business exposure and networking.”

Bryce Monkivitch understands the struggle for living and wanted to help more people while expanding his business. He created an app that helps him to hire marketing staff across the world and also trains them on the necessary skills to be a good marketer. At present, the app has over 3,000 registered users and among them, more than 500 are actively working to promote Bryce’s business.

Apart from being a futuristic entrepreneur, Bryce Monkivitch is also a travel enthusiast. He has wonderfully blended his love for travel with his profession to improve his business. Bryce learned the value of business deals the hard way and makes it a point to strike good business deals during his trip to various countries. He visited China to personally interact with the suppliers. “He visited China to personally interact with the suppliers and test materials. He often visits the Philippines to communicate with his team of 4,000 workers.”

The explosive success and compassionate business policies of Bryce Monkivitch made him get featured on Forbes 2021. Bryce feels this is just the beginning of his journey. He wants to scale his brand Sincere Sally to become the next leading online fashion brand. He aspires to continue traveling to meet and learn from more e-commerce experts and also to help more and more micro-workers through his revolutionary app.

Photography by: Sincere Sally