2023's Best Places to Purchase Instagram Likes: A Comprehensive Guide

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Succeeding in the cut-throat world of social media requires clever marketing strategies that drive engagement and boost your profile. This fact is especially true for Instagram profiles seeking to stand out from the rest amongst the sea of a billion monthly active users. But growing a large and engaged following on Instagram can be difficult and time-consuming, even with quality content posted frequently.

So what's an aspiring Instagram influencer, brand, or business meant to do to get ahead?

The answer is simpler than you'd think - buy Instagram likes. The more likes an Instagram profile has, the more likely it is to appear in the Explore section and show up in search results, which means more exposure for your business or brand.

Buying Instagram likes also gives your profile a social proof boost, encouraging others to follow you and like your content. A higher follower count means more opportunities for engagement and connection with potential customers, which is essential for anyone trying to find success on Instagram.

But the best site to buy IG likes isn't always easy to find.

That is why we've put together a well-researched list of reputable social media management organizations that can help you buy Instagram likes safely and effectively. So check out the list below to find a company that can help give your business or brand the social media boost it needs to succeed on Instagram!

Best 8 Sites to Buy Instagram Likes

1. Twicsy

Mixing business intelligence with fast and easy social media management, Twicsy is one of the best and most comprehensive sites to buy Instagram likes. The company is well-known in the industry for providing reliable social media growth and Instagram services that take a relatively unknown Instagram account to new heights.

Those seeking a quick and affordable way to boost their account standing on the social media platform can opt for high-quality likes from accounts with a real profile picture. These high-quality likes come with monthly refills to ensure that your order of 50 to 10,000 Insta likes always stays active.


Take your social media journey to superstardom seriously with premium likes from real accounts. Twicsy specializes in filling orders for Instagram likes with a network of real followers who will like and comment on your posts. These are real people - not bots, spam, or fake accounts - actively engaged on the platform and interested in your content.

Whether you buy high-quality followers for a quick social media boost or premium quality likes for more long-term success, Twicsy packages come with the following:

  • 24/7 assistance from its customer support team
  • secure and discreet payment processing
  • fast delivery
  • a satisfaction guarantee

For a minimal investment of a few bucks, you can have hundreds or thousands of IG likes from Twicsy that will boost your Insta profile to social media superstardom.

Why We Recommend Twicsy

The Instagram algorithm is known to promote content with likes from real followers over those with fake or bot accounts. Twicsy provides high-quality and premium likes from real IG accounts to give your content an edge and help you organically grow your following.

2. Buzzoid

If you want your Instagram page trending and accessible to millions of real users, you need an intelligent marketing strategy that delivers fast results. Buzzoid is a social media site that helps you get more Instagram likes by connecting you with a large pool of active users in your target demographics.

By getting real Instagram likes from Buzzoid's users, your content is more likely to be seen by new followers and appear on the Explore page. This increased engagement rate and reach can quickly turn into tangible results like more sales or website traffic.


Buzzoid offers several different packages of likes for whichever Instagram posts you need to be seen by more people. You can start with a package of 100 likes for less than five bucks or choose a bulk option of up to 10,000 likes for a bit more.

When you purchase likes from Buzzoid, they are delivered almost instantly and come with the following features:

  • Real users and engagement
  • No password required
  • Responsive customer support
  • Ability to buy Instagram followers at a discount

The best part is these quality services don't violate Instagram's Terms & Conditions because the likes come from real accounts.

Why We Recommend Buzzoid

The biggest reason to recommend Buzzoid is its focus on quality over quantity. With real users and engagement, you are more likely to see results from your investment than if you had made the slow attempt to get hashtags and content trending organically on your own.

3. Rushmax

If you are in the market for instant likes to boost your social media presence fast, Rushmax has follower packages to suit your needs. All likes come from real people through high-quality and premium accounts.

Rushmax is ideal for those that want to spread their Insta likes over many photos and videos. Because each like comes with views, your content will be seen by more people, upping your chances of getting discovered by new followers.

High-quality likes come with auto-refills to ensure that your order always stays active. Premium likes come from a specialized network of Rushmax users who are highly engaged on Instagram and very interested in what you have to say. These premium users and their likes are guaranteed to have no drop-off - making their purchase an excellent long-term investment for your social media growth.

All orders also come with the following:

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Live customer support
  • Discreet buying process

Using the site is easy, with no password required to complete the checkout process. Simply enter your Instagram username, email, and payment information after selecting the number of likes you want to have on your quality content.

Why We Recommend Rushmax

The ability to select the number of likes you want per photo or video is a major advantage that Rushmax has, in addition to its instant delivery of likes. This gives users more control over their social media strategy and ensures no time is wasted waiting for likes to come in.

4. LikeBlaast

If you are looking to get more Instagram likes in a short time and at an affordable price, LikeBlaast might be the solution for your lackluster social media metrics. This site specializes in automatic likes available in batches of 100 to 5000.

LikeBlaast Insta likes come from real accounts that won't cause you to lose your post's engagement. Because these likes come from real people, there is no chance of your content being shadow banned or removed from the Explore page.

The smallest few hundred likes packages start at only a couple of bucks, with the max of 5000 capping out under $40. Likes are delivered pretty fast, and customer reviews are relatively positive about the Instagram growth they have seen after using this service.

Bonus features of LikeBlaast also include:

  • Responsive 24/7 customer support
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Encrypted order placement
  • Free likes and free views

With multiple payment methods, including credit card and PayPal, buying likes on LikeBlaast is a fuss-free experience that helps grow your social media following without breaking the bank.

Why We Recommend LikeBlaast

This site's low price and money-back guarantee make LikeBlaast a safe investment with little risk. In addition, because you can start small and work your way up, it is easy to find a package that fits both your content strategy needs and budget.

5. SocialsExplode

Social media marketing strategies that put Instagram users in front of your content are an effective way to get more likes on your photos and videos. SocialsExplode boosts the effectiveness of these strategies, with likes available for Instagram and all your other social media accounts.

SocialsExplode's services are designed for small businesses, celebrities, and influencers who need to increase their social media engagement rates but might not have the time or resources to do it themselves. Through this site, you can buy likes and views for your Instagram content as well as Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

There are several different packages of real likes available on SocialsExplode, starting at a couple of dollars for 100 likes. Larger packages can be purchased for around $30 and come with the following benefits:

  • No password needed
  • Delivered in under 24 hours
  • Multiple payment options

This site also offers a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the results of your purchase.

Why We Recommend SocialsExplode

SocialsExplode is a good option for those who want to increase their social media engagement rates but don't have the time or resources to do it themselves. Being able to manage likes for all social media accounts on one platform is also a major perk.

6. IG Like Lab

Your number of followers can quickly increase once you boost your social media profile fast with tons of IG likes from IG Like Lab. Known as one of the best services for bulk orders of real likes, IG Like Lab offers a safe and simple way to get more engagement on your photos and videos.

IG Like Lab is one of the few companies that provides an incredible amount of likes for instant success on Instagram. Packages exceeding most other companies' offerings are available on this site, capping out at 10,000 likes.

Choose to split likes across many posts or focus your social media marketing efforts on one key post with a package of up to 5,000 likes for that single photo or video. No matter which package you choose, all orders come with the following features:

  • Only an Insta username required
  • Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders
  • Free auto-fill

Payment is completed through the site's SSL-encrypted servers, with your privacy and personal information completely safe from malicious intent.

Why We Recommend IG Like Lab

IG Like Lab provides an incredible amount of likes for instant success on Instagram. The ability to focus your social media marketing efforts on one key post with a package of up to 5,000 likes is a major perk.

7. Likestorm

Even if your content is of the highest quality, you still need likes from active users to ensure that it gets seen by the Instagram algorithm. Likestorm can help you get there, focusing on real users and high-quality engagement. Using real, active users to provide likes for Instagram posts, Likestorm takes the guesswork out of social media management. This also helps you avoid potential penalties from the Instagram algorithm for using fake likes or bots.

Prices on Likestorm are a little higher than others on this list but well worth the investment, considering you also get the following with any order of 100 to 2500 likes:

  • Lifetime warranty on all high-quality likes
  • Guaranteed likes and views
  • Option to buy followers at a discount

For Instagram marketing strategies relying on a high number of likes to generate user engagement, Likestorm is one of the best places to buy them.

Why We Recommend Likestorm

Likestorm is one of the best places to buy Instagram likes, primarily thanks to its ease of use and outstanding reputation in the industry. While the price point is higher, what they deliver in quality services and customer satisfaction is worth the money you'll spend to achieve Instagram success.

8. Like Genie

Viral Instagram marketing strategies best succeed when there are active users liking content to further increase its reach. Like Genie offers a solution to get more engagement on your photos and videos with real users, providing high-quality likes at an affordable price.

The company offers two different types of Instagram likes: premium and high-quality. The premium likes are the best deal considering you get real likes from real people already interested in your niche content. In addition, these premium likes are guaranteed to have no drop-off and, ultimately, help to increase brand awareness and ROI.

High-quality likes offer the same real people but with slightly less user engagement, making them excellent for getting a high number of likes fast to start your viral marketing campaign off with a blast.

No matter which package you choose, all orders come with the following features:

  • Satisfaction Guarantee on all orders
  • Free auto-fill
  • Real likes from active users

Ordering only takes a few clicks, and likes are delivered pretty quickly, with most orders being filled within 72 hours.

Why We Recommend Like Genie

Like Genie is an excellent choice when you're looking for real people to boost your viral marketing campaign. The free auto-fill keeps your Instagram posts active with likes, and the real engaged users offer the social proof needed to increase brand awareness and ROI.

Become Instagram Famous

Insta Fame is only achieved with a well-executed social media marketing strategy, and a big part of that is getting likes on your photos and videos. Make the savvy marketing decision to buy Instagram likes from any of the sites on this list, and you'll find your profile skyrocketing to the top of every Explore page in no time.

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