Picnic Planning This Summer? Grab a Cocktail in a Can

By Christina Najjar | August 7, 2018 | Food & Drink


Everyone loves a Gin and Tonic in the sunshine, but lugging all required materials to the park on a sunny day is a bit of a hassle! Luckily Southern Tier Distilling Company has you sorted, for all your cocktail needs on the go. The innovative company recently launched a line of Premium Canned Cocktails that are all mixologist inspired. The range consists of craft classic cocktails with a twist in a convenient ready to drink can, so you can easily throw a variety into a cooler and head to the beach or park.

All the cocktails are made from artisanal, all-natural ingredients using Southern Tier Distilling Company’s very own award-winning craft spirits. This will be the company’s first foray into the ready to drink canned cocktail space. The lineup includes Bourbon Smash, Vodka Madras, and Gin & Tonic. The Bourbon Smash is a citrusy cousin to the mint julep and features a perfect balance of lemon, ginger, and mint for a slightly carbonated, sweet and citrusy finish. Our personal favorite is the ready to go Gin and Tonic. It’s a twist on the classic cocktail that features hints of elderflower, cucumber, and zest of lime creating a light, refreshing and carbonated cocktail. Perfect for a crisp, refreshing beverage. The packaging is totally chic too, so the next time a friend is having a barbecue, impress everyone by showing up with a pack or two of these delicious cocktails!

Visit southerntierdistilling.com for more details.

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