Dining in Bermuda: Idyllic Island Cuisine Awaits

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The dining scene of Bermuda boasts a unique cultural flair in its island cuisine. Bold in spice, locally sourced and expertly crafted by leading culinary talents, the island shares its legacy of delectable dishes with travelers year-round. Below are a few recommendations on how to explore this paradise for your palate.

Savor a Seaside Specialty

With a diverse history and heritage, Bermuda utilizes its fresh produce, inventive chefs and strong ethnic influences from the Caribbean, Great Britain and Africa to prepare sensational dishes for every table. Seafood takes center stage on the island including rockfish, a black grouper served “Bermuda style” when pan-fried with grilled bananas, toasted almonds and a fresh lemon butter sauce. Served from September-March, spiny lobster is an additional island staple of flavorful tail meat often mixed into local chowder, tacos and pasta sauces for a buttery delicacy at restaurants like Lobster Pot. For the ultimate finale, be sure to order the Bermuda black rum cake filled with tropical citrus flavors, vanilla and of course, plenty of rum.


Charter a Yacht for Dinner

Aboard a classic 1975, 50-foot vessel with sophisticated dock appeal, guests searching to experience the beauty of Bermuda tradition can enjoy picturesque bay views, maritime charm and a fully customizable dining menu for up to 12 guests. Private table dinners on the Traveler yacht are led by chefs who personally source their own ingredients amongst local farms and fishermen to create an unforgettable dining experience on the water.

Taste-Test at a Local Festival

The first annual St. George’s Seafood Festival will commence September 17th on Ordnance Island to celebrate the history of Bermuda’s most sought-after seafood dishes and boils. From live entertainment to an elevated bar and lounge-style seating, taste your way through Bermuda’’s coveted classics including yellowfin tuna and glasseye snapper. Additional culinary events worth checking out include Set the Bar, Front Street Formal and Tasting Village.


Hire a Personal At-Home Chef

For those seeking to create a bespoke dining experience at their own island abode, Bermuda is home to an abundance of renowned personal chefs ready to prepare customized cuisine suitable for even the most discerning palates.

Although chef Michiko Campbell is mostly known for his handcrafted spices—locally made spice blends called Chiko’s Smokey Rub, he’s also an accomplished Johnson & Wales trained chef. Specializing in a variety of world cuisines, which are inspired by his frequent travels through Africa, Asia and South America, Chef Campbell is not afraid of bold flavors and adventurous foods. He’s also an avid fisherman, which is why much of the seafood and fresh fish he prepares for his clients is hand caught with his own line. With no limits on the number of people Chef Campbell can prepare for, he’s available for parties of all sizes including intimate dinners, weddings and banquets.

Should you be interested in inventive plant-based dishes, Chef Trevor Johnstone of Plant Based Fuel BDA is known for his original vegan specialties like watermelon sashimi, vegetable jackfruit curry and sweet potato soup with coconut flatbread. His former apprenticeship under a prestigious Michelin-rated chef in Barcelona as well as culinary accomplishments in several Bermuda restaurants have set his cuisine apart on the island with clients eager to hire Johnstone for private parties of up to ten guests.

To learn more about Bermuda’s exclusive dining offerings and festivities, visit GoToBermuda.com.

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