Dr. Bal Raj Shares What Weekend Warriors Should Do About Sports Injuries

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | May 4, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Weekend Warriors do not regularly work out or play sports, maybe it is because of their tight schedules during the weekdays. Exercising is usually good and healthy for the body. No matter how busy one is during the whole week, taking some time out for exercise is something the body will appreciate a lot. It is essential to take at least a few hours every week and follow a workout routine. However, as one starts working out, a higher strain a little too soon or improper form while lifting can lead to sports injuries. In case you have sports injuries, do not panic because it is a common experience for weekend warriors and even professional athletes. While the type of sports injuries may vary depending on the frequency of the workout, injuries are common in sports.


Dr. Raj is a specialized orthopedic surgeon certified in both Canada and the United States. He has outstanding experience in the field of sports injuries working for more than fifteen years. For those in Dubai, Los Angeles, and Beverly Hills, you can always seek advice on sports injuries from his offices in these three locations. Professional athletes, celebrities in the entertainment industry, and politicians enjoy seeking services from Dr. Raj. In return, these high-profile clients have endorsed the work and services offered by the surgeon on matters of sports injuries. Since weekend warriors are not an exception to sports injuries, Dr. Raj pays careful attention to their needs and works to ensure they stay healthy. His vast experience allows him to treat all kinds of sports injuries with advanced medical treatment methods that deliver great results.

Some of the sports injuries among weekend warriors include Achilles tendinitis, ankle sprain, lower back pain, groin pull, pulled hamstrings, and ACL tear. If you are having any of these sports injuries due to overstraining yourself during workouts or maintaining improper form in your training, then you have to seek a medical check-up to ascertain the extent of the injury and determine if there is any extensive damage to the body tissues. You can visit Dr. Raj's clinics to get an assessment on such injuries and you will be recommended the necessary treatment to get you back on track. Do not ignore the injury and instead be more proactive and get it treated before it escalates to permanent disability due to lack of treatment.

Over the years, Dr. Raj has built a reputable practice and is among the top orthopedic surgeons recommended by high-profile celebrities around the world. He gets a lot of media requests for covering issues related to orthopedics. His many years of experience have made him one of the most sought-after specialists for sports injury treatment. As you aspire to push your limits as a weekend warrior, Dr. Raj and his team

are guaranteed to be at your side to provide the best services for all kinds of orthopedic issues and sports injuries. Dr. Raj believes a lot more clinics will be able to offer modernized treatment methods, as provided by his clinic, in the future.

Dr. Raj is very active on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. He can also be reached through the official website of his practice.



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