Drayson Little Rocks the World of E-commerce

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | April 30, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

It may be hard for others to fathom how someone who’s only 21 can achieve real success and true financial independence, but Drayson Little proves that this is very much possible. Little entered the e-commerce world back when he was still a junior in high school, and after several years of hard work and personal growth, he gained the necessary experience to make it big as an entrepreneur. To date, he has generated more than 2 million USD in sales.


Little has always had lofty goals; when he was 12, his dream job was to be either a CEO or an inventor. Throughout most of his young life, he worked hard to make his dreams into a reality. Being an entrepreneur wasn’t the career that his parents wanted for him; nonetheless, he persisted in pursuing this career because he was truly passionate about the work. He borrowed money from his family and friends to pay for the training he needed, and he worked hard to make it up to those who supported him.

How Drayson Little Made His Mark Through Dropshipping

Currently, Little manages several dropshipping businesses that have collectively accumulated 7 figures of profit. He chose dropshipping because it fit his situation, as he didn’t have enough capital or a physical inventory to support any other kind of retail business.

He offers an ever-growing range of products

There are many different types of consumers, and each one is looking for something different. Little knows that, so he offers a vast catalog of products that cater to almost everyone’s needs and wants. In his earlier days, he started selling iPhone covers, then graduated to selling clothes and accessories. Nowadays, he sells pretty much any product that he deems to be worth selling. After all, trends change fast, and customers quickly get bored of the same items.

He capitalizes on impulse sales

As Little has observed, a business can achieve much success by catering to impulse buyers. To incorporate this strategy into his own business, he had to be aware of what’s currently trending and understand the way his customers make their shopping decisions. Ultimately, Little had more insight into impulse buying than his competitors, which allowed him to remain ahead of the curve.

He gives importance to promotion strategies

Ultimately, the success of a business comes down to how their products are marketed. Without an effective promotion strategy, a business venture won’t grow no matter how many desirable items they offer. This is proven by Little’s journey, since if it wasn’t for his ability to come up with impressive marketing ideas, he wouldn’t be on the same level that he is today.

Dropshipping may have worked incredibly well for Drayson Little, but in all fairness, it’s not a strategy that suits just anyone. Still, there’s no harm in looking further into it, as it can potentially be a rewarding venture. Regardless, Little’s journey will no doubt inspire other young and new entrepreneurs to achieve their own success.

Photography by: Drayson Little