EAU CLUB Makes Beach Culture a Year Round Thing

By Christina Najjar | January 11, 2019 | Style & Beauty

As an avid swimmer, Emily Bibb has always loved the water and the incredible culture that sounds it. It got her to thinking - why should we only appreciate water in the summer? The beach is wonderful, but water is everywhere. Surely, a love of the ocean is a year-long affair.

And so the stunning New Yorker launched EAU CLUB, a unique lifestyle brand beginning with a collection of essentials fitting for the pool, beach, and bath. With an emphasis on thoughtful design and visual storytelling via editorial, EAU CLUB takes a mindful approach, sourcing conscious materials, packaging, and partners.


The signature collection, launched in July 2018, is the first stroke in the brand’s narrative and evolution to harbor a culture of flow.

One of our favorites? The effortlessly chic Cap Blanket. A seasonless staple that can be used as a beach blanket, transition to the couch as a throw, or even be styled as bedding. Simple in design, soft in touch and ethically made in Turkey, you can truly utilize this piece all summer and winter long.

EAU CLUB’s overall aesthetic is second to none, and once you meet Bibb or take a scroll of her personal Instagram, it’s easy to see why. She beautifully combines the richness of the beach and ocean with chic androgyny that delivers a fresh feeling look. The creative for the brand is classic yet modern feeling, clean and elegant just like the product.

The brand immediately celebrated runaway success and is gearing up to celebrate its first 6 months with new product launches and exciting pop-ups. Up next is a pop-up in Miami, where everyone knows beach culture is king.


As for Bibb, she hopes her pieces are those that will hold memories by the water for years to come. "Every time one goes to grab their towel or put on their robe, I want them to be reminded of that once-in-a-lifetime beach vacation or their favorite bath ritual at home," she says.

Learn more at eauclub.com

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