Meet the Founder of Y7 Hip Hop Yoga

By Christina Najjar | September 26, 2018 | Lifestyle


New York City is known for its niche workout classes, which is probably why Y7 has been such a raging success. The candlelit, infrared, hot-yoga-meets-hip-hop method has been going from strength to strength, gaining huge popularity and expanding rapidly. Apart from just being really fun and relaxing, the success of the studio is definitely because of the fearless female founder Sarah Levy, who has successfully opened 10 yoga studios to-date.

Sarah has brought the Y7 experience from Brooklyn to Manhattan to Los Angeles and is not looking to slow down anytime soon. This year alone Y7 is set to open four new studios and will be opening their 11th studio by end of 2018 in West Village. Chicago and San Francisco are next in the pipeline and the brand now boats over 300 employees and over $10M in revenue. We sat down with Sarah to talk about inspiration and Big Sean.

What was the original inspiration for Y7 and has yoga always been a part of your life?
SARAH LEVY: My inspiration for Y7 came from my lack of enthusiasm for yoga. I was always trying out different studios but could never find an experience that I loved. Y7 is everything that I was craving in a yoga class.

What is your general morning routine?
SL: Snooze my alarm 3 times, coffee, brush my teeth and out the door! On a good day, I am getting in my workout first thing in the morning - but it doesn't happen that way all the time.

How do you stay healthy when traveling? any insider tips?
SL: Vitamins are my secret weapon when traveling. I always carry Wellness Formula, a Vitamin B complex and Super You by Moon Juice so I know I am getting everything I need even when indulging in food and drinks.

What are you most excited about for Y7?
SL: I am most excited for our growth - I can't wait to bring Y7 all over the world!

Who is your favorite artist to flow to?
SL: Big Sean.

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