Gee Bryant's net worth and how he built his fortune

Karishhma Ashwin Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

If we have to summarise Gee Bryant's secret codes in a few words, they'll be "work, learn and be disciplined". He is certainly not a Rockefeller nor a Trump. There was no family fortune to inherit or an empire to run. All he had was his heart, his will and a passion to succeed. When Gee made that 14-hour drive from Philadelphia to Atlanta, he had no idea where his next meal would come from or if he'd have a place to lay his head. Today, he's a seven-figure entrepreneur who has carved his own amazing niche and is inspiring others to do the same.


With no college degree or experience in Corporate America, Gee took to the closest thing he had to a skill (at least that's what he thought). He became a personal trainer, and in no time, built a reputation as an expert of transformations and for being truly passionate about uplifting his clients to become better people. Having built two successful businesses and several other platforms from the ground up, many have wondered how Gee Bryant built his fortune and his net worth. Looking at Gee from where he began, you can learn a few tricks from his journey.

Gee is a strong believer in building a business that uplifts you and helps people grow too. With the Loft Athletic Club, his 8,000 square ft fitness facility, Gee has built one of the most unique and successful fitness ventures not just in Atlanta, but the whole of America. The Loft, as he fondly calls it, is a fully-equipped facility for daily workouts adorned with full-service massage therapy, chiropractic service and a juice bar. There's also a DJ stand for great music to give a workout feeling that we all crave for! Be it beginners, professional athletes and celebrities, it perfectly exemplifies an ideal fitness room that adorns the workout hours with inspiration and delight for the fitness enthusiasts.

But that's not all; he has also taken advantage of the power of social media, creating X28 Fitness, an online fitness program with a huge following. Gee's style and energy to deliver confidence to his followers while challenging them to push their limits have made X28 a big success. Speaking about how he has built his fortune, Gee references his hard work and resilience. He ventured into a fairly competitive industry and has managed to grow with it for enjoying life at the top now. Today, he has established himself as an industry leader.

He saw an opportunity for growth and stepped up to fill that gap. He has also become somewhat of a Life Coach with the Gee Code, travelling the country to speak to regular folks and top business executives on how to become the best versions of themselves, physically and mentally. According to Gee, creating an empire is a perk of following his passion and working hard at something he loves doing. When we speak of fortune, we are speaking millions of dollars. Running a multi-million-dollar business is not easy but has given him a lot of insight. It is a learning process as well, one that shows him how to sustain that empire.

Gee's advice to entrepreneurs who are building their start-ups is not to get caught up in the competition. Keep an eye on your competitors but, don't start a race against them that disregards your business's purpose. It is always wise to establish your pace. Define your purpose; know what you want to get out of your business and what your clients should love you for. Always think about their satisfaction and comfort. If a client knows you're truly passionate about their satisfaction, they will always prefer you.

Bryant has a platform that allows him to impart his wisdom to those aspiring to be like him, and he continues to share his business acumen with other entrepreneurs. Thanks to social media and his sizable followers, he is growing extensively and impactfully while discovering better ways to cater to clients uniquely.

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