How Gizele Oliveira Is Prepping for the Biggest Show of the Year

By Christina Najjar | November 13, 2018 | People


At only 25, Gizele Oliveira has already accomplished a huge amount in her modeling career. This will be her second year walking in the hugely important Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Hailing from Brazil, the stunning model is proud to rep her home nation this year at the show. We sat down with Oliveira to discuss how excited she is for the VS runway, and how she's prepping for the big day!

You're going to walk in your second VS show! What are you most excited about?
GIZELE OLIVEIRA: I’m super excited that the show is going to be in NYC and some of my family are flying in from Brazil for it! AND of course about my outfit! I wish I could tell details, but it’s THE BEST!

How are you prepping for it?
GO: I’ve been working out a lot, most days you will find me at Dogpound with a trainer. Along with drinking lots of water and eating extra healthy, with lots of greens and juices. Lucky there are so many healthy options in NY for eating out and takeout. I’m not too much of a cook, so thank god for Seamless.

What's your morning routine?
GO: I wake up, check my phone (IG, News app & scan my emails), take a hot shower, put my facial moisturizer and get ready for the day!


What are your favorite workouts?
GO: I love doing lots of squats and abs! I always feel so much stronger and tighter after that. I share some of my favorite moves on my Instagram!

What are your favorite healthy snacks and meals?
GO: I love edamame! It’s my favorite food! One of my favorite meals is breakfast bowls, especially with quinoa salad, eggs, and greens!

What does it mean to you to come back for the iconic show?
GO: Being back to the VS show means the world to me. There aren’t many Brazilian girls this year, so I feel really honored to be on the runway and representing my country! It all doesn’t feel real to me, it’s too much of a dream.

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