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Happy Not Perfect Founder Poppy Jamie on Creating the App Every New Yorker Needs

By Christina Najjar | November 28, 2018 | Lifestyle


British entrepreneur Poppy Jamie has launched Happy Not Perfect, a mobile application and e-commerce platform dedicated to helping people feel happier, less stressed and more emotionally balanced. Users are able to engage with the app’s 7 step experience that activates different parts of the brain and allows customers to export key wellness points in new ways and interfaces.

Through suffering stress and anxiety, herself, Poppy realized there were very few outlets offering relief and felt something like HAPPY NOT PERFECT, needed to exist so the mental wellbeing of an anxious generation could be helped. Since 2015, the team has grown with the addition of neuroscientists, the world's leading breathing experts, designers, art directors, and psychologists, contributing to the final app now offering a daily experience that will refresh and recharge the mind in less than five minutes! Every New Yorker needs this app! We sat down to talk to Poppy about starting the app and exciting things on the horizon.

What was your original inspiration for Happy Not Perfect?
POPPY JAMIE: I woke up in the middle of the night and thought I need to create a tool that helps me to manage my stress better and sleep because I can’t carry on like this. I was feeling so anxious and overwhelmed and just kept thinking, things shouldn’t be like this. I wanted to call my mother, a psychotherapist but I couldn’t as it was in the middle of the night, so I thought, imagine if I could put her wisdom in an app and then I could receive her help 24/7! So that’s what I did.

What’s the best part of your job?
P.J: It’s twofold. The first is building and creating something which allows me to spend time researching and looking into over 40 years of positive neuroscience and mindfulness practices. Learning from world experts is incredible and something I never take for granted... I read things thinking “omg how am I JUST learning this, I can’t wait to share it”. More recently, it has become evident that working on something that genuinely is making a difference in people’s lives, is really incredible. We get hundreds of messages every day from users saying that HNP has helped them through a breakup, a work crisis or just a moment of feeling blue. And that is amazing.

How do you stay calm while running multiple huge businesses?
P.J: I have a serious ‘calm’ routine - meditation walks, are non-negotiable for me. Before I have even brushed my teeth in the morning, I put on my trainers and walk for 20 mins. It helps me clear my mind before I start my day. And of course, I use the refresh on Happy Not Perfect. The 7 steps that create the Refresh are crucial at the start of my day and at the end. Processing my thoughts, reflecting on what I can be grateful for and belly breathing is essential for me to stay calm and manage things.

What should people remember as they head into the stressful holidays?
P.J: ‘You are the most important thing’ so prioritizing moments for yourself should be prioritized over everything. This is not selfish either (!!) - if you feel calmer and less stressed, you’re going to be more patient, energized and relaxed with friends, family and in those moments when things can feel a bit much! Just 2 minutes focusing on your belly breathing, completing a REFRESH on the Happy Not Perfect app can make a difference. It’s a great time of year to practice gratitude which is combined in the Refresh or independently on the app. Writing a gratitude diary has numerous of researched benefits, from helping stimulate the production of happy hormones to actually developing a positive mindset change. If you don’t actively help your mind focus on the positive, our inherent negative bias will take over and the monkey mind (self-chatter) can easily take a dive to negative thoughts. Staying positive and grateful boosts your immune system too!

What are you excited for in 2019?!
P.J: There is so much going on with Happy Not Perfect that I am excited to share with the world, including us releasing products. A big focus is also going to be on the community. Our minds can be minefields if not managed… no one should be left alone and through Happy Not Perfect my mission is to ensure no one is. We’re in this together. So, I’d love to hear from anyone who’d like us to take a roadshow to them... group breathing, meditation, and sound baths, we want to spread the calm and positive vibes.

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