Gap Launches Hill City

By Christina Najjar | November 9, 2018 | Style & Beauty


Gap Inc. recently launched Hill City, a high-performance men’s apparel brand offering technical clothing that transitions seamlessly through the day - from working out to work to weekend. The product line fuses a clean aesthetic with hidden technical innovation that is felt, rather than seen, allowing men to focus on purchasing fewer, more versatile pieces.

After launching online earlier this month, the team has been excited to debut the new high-performance menswear brand from Gap Inc. Founded by former MLS soccer player Noah Palmer with the mantra “everything on purpose,” Hill City embodies simplicity and human-centric designs that require no explanation. The brand offers logo-light, everyday basics that combine high-quality performance with the versatility of everyday apparel. Integrating sustainability throughout many of their products by using high-quality renewable, recycled fiber, Hill City delivers high-performance pieces, a clean aesthetic, and hidden technical innovation. Each product is designed, tested, and fit to perform and last across a range of conditions without compromising comfort or style.


“Active is a key growth area for Gap Inc. and Hill City is our response to consistent feedback from customers looking for a premium men’s product that combines highly technical fabrications, performance and style,” said Art Peck, President and CEO, Gap Inc. “Hill City brings a new perspective to men’s apparel that is complementary to our iconic portfolio of brands and leverages the benefits of our uniquely scalable operating platform—from our supply chain, to e-commerce to customer relationships and data.”


“Men’s lives are evolving. We no longer want to dress as either an ‘athlete’ or ‘outdoorsman’ or a ‘businessman’—we are all of those, and we’re also fathers, friends, and active members of our communities. We don’t want a different look for each aspect of our lives,” said Noah Palmer, General Manager of Hill City. “That’s why our team set out to rethink men’s apparel with one brand that could fill a man’s entire closet with versatile, high-performance pieces that can take him from a hike to a dinner out, without sacrificing a sense of style.”

Incubated alongside the highly successful Athleta business, Hill City has been designated a B Corp certified brand by integrating sustainability throughout many of its products, using high-quality renewable, recycled fibers to create performance fabrics.

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