How AlishaGory'sPassionForArt Paved Her Way To BecomeALeading TattooArtist

Karishhma Ashwin Karishhma Ashwin | April 15, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Tattoos have become more than a fashion statement. Research says that right after getting inked, both genders have higher self-esteem because they feel more exclusive and they are likely to get another tattoo in the future. We don’t know about that but here’s a candid interview with popular tattoo artist Yoo Jung Ha known as Alisha Gory talking about her journey and the world of tattoos. Let’s dive in.


Ask Yoo Jung Ha why she chose this career and she says, “I’ve always been good at art. And I wanted to be a thriving artist in New York City. Something about creating art on a live canvas always inspired me. Tattoos are a form of art, a beautiful means of expressing the self. Marking up one’s body doesn’t take away one’s beauty or value. In fact, Yoo shares, tattoos allow individuals to turn their own bodys into a personal art gallery of sorts.”

Yoo came to America alone, swimming against the current of her parent’s disapproval. Becoming a tattoo artist wasn’t easy for her because where she comes from in Korea, tattooing is considered a taboo. Through art, she sought to break out from such inane, obstructive primordial traditions.

It’s not only her passion for art that fueled her propensity to become a tattoo artist but also the drive to break the stereotypical beauty standards of how women should look. Alisha Gory encourages women to never compromise their authentic self, even if that means one will have to face a lot of challenges. She talks about her challenges on the path to becoming a successful tattoo artist. She shares that as an Asian woman and being from a very conservative republican family, she had no support from friends and family to pursue art, which veered from the so-called established set of societal norms. But that didn’t hold her back. She set forth to America alone without any money, breaking stereotypes within the Asian community and inspiring women to pursue what they truly want. Alisha advocates the fact that ‘every body is unique and beautiful’ and every woman has the right to represent her body the way she wants. And tattooing is one of the means to do that.

Ask Yoo what does she love the most about her profession and she said, “I can travel wherever I want, wear whatever I want, and create beautiful body art that will stay with people for the rest of their lives.”

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