How Sven Plate Got past Losing All His Money to Eventually Become Successful

Karishhma Ashwin Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | People, Sponsored Post,

It is difficult to paint a picture of what it’s like to be hanging off a cliff of despondency, and how difficult a journey it is to walk back down and rebuild from the ground up. Sven Plate, entrepreneur and motivational coach, knows first-hand what this feels like.

Standing where he is today and looking back at how far he has come, Sven is grateful that he never gave up on his dream or on himself. Sven has been formally trained as a dentist, but in 2008, he chose a different path for his life and started an online business.


Sven Plate comes from a family that values hard work and encourages working for what you want. Though he didn’t come from a wealthy family, his family had high expectations from him and therefore he chose to go into dentistry. However, he soon realized that his true calling was entrepreneurship, but not knowing where to start, he followed through with his dentistry education.

After attaining his license, he began trying different entrepreneurial ventures and over time he decided to invest all the money he had into the first version of his digital venture, Digistore24. He had earlier partnered with others to sell e-books on the internet, but he realized that it wasn’t a sustainable business which led to the creation of Digistore24.

As with any business, Sven also went through several obstacles in setting up his business initially, so much so that at one point he was at the brink of being broke and without any functional stability. At that point in his life, Sven chose to relook at his vision and have it guide him into turning his business into a success. According to Sven, at that point, the safety gloves came off and he worked even harder to keep his business running.

He later met the now-CTO of Digistore24 who helped him streamline his product into a platform that others could use. As the platform began to take shape, Sven decided that software entrepreneurship was his forte and until 2016, his small team was responsible for every aspect of the business. However, since then, the business has grown exponentially into a company with over 150 people, and turned him into a successful CEO.

Borrowing from his own experience, Sven has made it his mission to help other struggling entrepreneurs keep moving even when their luck seems to be running out. Today, Sven is running a successful business that has allowed him to explore his other passions.

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