Instagram's Favorite Tequila, JAJA, Launches Apparel

By Christina Najjar | February 11, 2019 | Lifestyle

Instagram’s favorite tequila, JAJA is everywhere. From cool partnerships to pop-ups to supplying tequila for all the coolest parties, JAJA has been taking the world by storm. Which is why it makes total sense that the brand would dive into a new category: apparel.


Speaking to Maurice Tebele, Co-Founder of JAJA Tequila, he said "An innate quality of a digital-first brand, is the benefit of real-time interactivity with the consumer. The number of inquiries for merch we receive each day since our recent launch is astounding. As a brand with such a positive aura, it was difficult to tell the people “No, sorry we don’t” every day—so we did it."


In response to massive demand from its engaged social audience, JAJA will be introducing a line of streetwear-inspired caps, beanies, tees and sweatshirts, available on its website. This is the brand’s first step into becoming a larger lifestyle brand, as they’ve realized that their customers don’t just want to drink their tequila, they want to wear it.

"One of the best things about bringing a digitally-first tequila brand to market is that we are able to truly engage with our fans in real-time, and bring their feedback full circle. There was massive demand for JAJA branded merchandise, so we quickly set that into motion and are giving our customers what they want. We can't wait to see JAJA out on the streets." Elliot Tebele, Co-Founder of JAJA Tequila told us.

JAJA Tequila is the spirit of the people. Unpretentious yet refined, JAJA is a small batch tequila inspired by laughter and celebration and created with thoughtfully curated, best-in-class ingredients. As demonstrated by the brand’s new apparel launch, JAJA Tequila is bringing a fresh approach to the industry by offering a tequila that stands out by its use of bright colors, engaging messaging and unique marketing that promotes a fun and modern experience.

"The response to JAJA has been overwhelming, and what's exciting to see is that it's not just about the bottle - it's also about the brand aesthetic and overall vibe. What we have learned from our customers is that they don't just want to drink JAJA, they want to live JAJA - and this apparel launch is our first step in making that a reality." Martin Hoffstein, Co-Founder of JAJA Tequila, told us.

So there you have it, now you can sip JAJA, while wearing JAJA. Sounds like fun.

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