Kim Petras on Her Latest Cheat Codes Collaboration & Why She Wants to Work With Britney Spears Next

By Gary Duff | December 10, 2018 | People National

Kim Petras skyrocketed to fame with her infectious bubbly pop anthems “Heart to Break,” "Hillside Boys," and “I Don’t Want It At All." After releasing "Turn Off the Light, Vol. 1," her Halloween mixtape that had us bumping throughout October, she's now dropped her latest collaboration, "Feeling of Falling," with Cheat Codes, sure to get fans dancing again.

Petras chatted with us about the new single, when she'll drop her next mixtape, and who she wants to collaborate with next.


Your latest single, “Feeling of Falling,” was a collaboration with Cheat Codes. What were they like to work with?
Very fun! It happened really organically. Trevor’s brother is a big fan of mine and told him about me. He checked me out and was like, “Oh, she’s really dope.” So, yeah, it happened really naturally and we’re friends with each other. It was a really easy and fun collaboration.

I’m still obsessed with your Halloween mixtape… Will you put out a volume two? Is there another mixtape coming soon?
Yeah! That’s why I called it “volume one.” I’ll be putting out a volume two next Halloween!

Is there someone you haven’t worked with that you’d like to jump on a song with?
A million people! Kendrick Lamar, LANY, Freak... I want to work with Selena Gomez and do a song with her… Britney Spears, tons and tons of people!

How do you see your sound and music changing in the next few years? Do you have a place in the music world you want to be at the end of the day?
I just always want to evolve and make myself proud. I want to keep making better songs with each one I drop. That’s really my main focus and all that I want: to make music that I’m proud of and that I love. I just want to keep evolving and keep getting better.


What's the most fabulous thing in your closet right now?
I have a Bob Mackie choker that’s, like, all coins. I got that for my birthday from a friend and it’s so heavy and so lush feeling. I fucking love it.

What’s the best party you’ve been to in the past year?
It has to be LadyLand festival in Brooklyn—that was my favorite. I had the best time. It was raining really hard, but everyone stayed out for my set and the crowd was really awesome. That was my favorite party/festival. Charli XCX’s Pop 2 party was really fun, too!

What’s one thing you’re currently obsessed with?
I’m really obsessed with black nails right now. Just really long black nails.

When you’re in NY, where do you like to hang out?
It’s so fun in NYC. I have so many friends there that I love hanging out with. I really like the Boom Boom Room and underground parties. I’m usually at parties with my friends, like Ty Sunderland. He’s a DJ and always throws the most fabulous parties in New York.

Photography by: Photography courtesy Thom Kerr