Lo Bosworth on Building Her Incredible Brand, Love Wellness

By Christina Najjar | April 25, 2019 | Lifestyle

Lo Bosworth wants to make you feel better. Her runaway hit brand, Love Wellness, is dedicated to making women’s health more accessible and fun. From supplements to CBD and beyond, Love Wellness makes it easy to listen to your body and improve your health, naturally. The native Californian has made New York her home, and we have to say New York City looks great on her! We chatted all things Love Wellness and Lo’s favorite place for bone broth.


You’ve built an incredible brand! Did you always know you wanted to be an entrepreneur?
LO BOSWORTH: Entrepreneurship is all about taking risks - some can be calculated but the large majority of the decisions you make come from your gut. As a person, I've never been one to shy away from big moves and that personality definitely lends itself to owning and operating a "new category" type of business. With Love Wellness, not only did I believe that women were looking for modern, homeopathic personal care products but also that I could be comfortable speaking about stigmas, cultural shifts, and health issues that some people may be embarrassed by. I took the leap without thinking twice, which is the most important first step.

You’re changing the game when it comes to women’s wellness! What inspires you?
LB: When I started Love Wellness I was solving my own personal care problems. Drugstore and prescription offerings simply weren't cutting it - the entire category was particularly archaic and consumed in stigma. When I approached my health from a homeopathic, body-positive perspective I got better, and I felt like a modern, natural product offering that reflected what my healthcare providers recommended to me could be really exciting for other women. Building something new and innovative is really exciting for me personally as you get to surprise and delight the consumer, and when it comes to wellness, you get to help heal people's bodies and minds. That's inspirational!


What’s your favorite part of building a business?
LB: I love the high-level strategy of what we do at Love Wellness. I get to innovate on product and dream up what we present to our community and in what way. Everything from packaging design to verbiage on the website goes through me.

What does wellness mean to you?
LB: Wellness, or being well, means feeling good in your body and getting right with your soul. It's not about how you look, and I wanted that message to reflect in our product offering. We're not trying to change how you look, smell, or taste. Our products exist simply to help you feel your best.

What are some of your favorite healthy spots in NYC?
LB: Souen just closed recently, but it was a favorite of mine for macrobiotic food. Hu Kitchen is a great option for paleo eats, and Springbone Cafe has the best bone broth downtown (The Smile on Howard has great broth, too). I'm also really looking forward to The Well opening later this summer!

What are you most excited for summer 2019?
LB: I'm visiting Sicily in July which I'm sure will be the highlight of my travels this summer!

Photography by: Photography Courtesy of Love Wellness