Louis Vuitton Unveils Its First Unisex Fragrance Collection

By Gary Duff | April 16, 2019 | Style & Beauty National

What do Louis Vuitton's gender-neutral perfumes smell like?


When the luxury house announced its first ever unisex fragrance collection earlier this month, it tapped master perfumer Jacques Cavalier Belletrud to create it.

The special collection of three unique scents—Sun Song, Cactus Garden and Afternoon Swim—drew its inspiration from bohemian and free spirited California. Notes of orange blossom define Sun Song, while Cactus Garden was crafted with the scent of South American maté in mind. The third fragrance of the trio, Afternoon Swim, has a citric scent reminiscent of California oranges. Each is transportive in its own right.

Artwork from filmmaker Alex Israel catches the eye; emblazoned on the front of each fragrance's box is a nod to the unique scent within: Sun Song—a sunglass' lense on the front of its box, Cactus Green—a desert landscape and Afternoon Swim—a beach wave.

The collection of fragrances range from $250 to $360 and is available online at louisvuitton.com.

Photography by: Photography courtesy Louis Vuitton