NYC Elite Remember Financier Alexander Navab

| October 7, 2019 | Parties

Prominent financier, Alexander Navab, an immigrant who emerged to be a leader on Wall Street, tragically died this summer. His memorial was unprecedented in that it took place in Central Park. This has never been done and guests thought it was Hollywood produced, it was not. It was designed and produced by the event firm, Fête. He was an incredible human being and very philanthropic. He was president of the board for Robin Hood, set up scholarships at Columbia University of $6 million, sat on the board for Columbia Presbyterian hospital, sat on a number of boards for other schools, gave to the Greek community, and was the youngest partner at KKR. In the finance world, they are considered the “masters of the universe.”

There was an unprecedented and unexpected attendance of close to 1800 people in Central Park at his memorial service as it was not announced. His kindness had a reach and broke through all barriers from attending students at The Buckley School (where his son Julian attends) to heads of state. Cherry Hill Fountain in Central Park was selected as the location as it was one of his favorite spots in NYC and he would walk it all the time. Guests were given pennies to throw in the fountain to honor him. The memorial celebrated him at the end by offering things he enjoyed regularly in Central Park; hot dogs, popcorn and ice cream. His three children spoke at the service and his two daughters Neva and Arabella released two doves after the reading of the poem. Close friend Senator Mitt Romney in his memorial speech compared Alex’s character to the great Presidents of US history.
Alex Navab is survived by his wife Mary Kathryn Navab as well as his parents and three young children.
Notable guests attending include: Renee and Mark Rockefeller, Ally and George Stephanopoulos, Hilary and Wilbur Ross, Henry Kissinger, Sen Mitt Romney, Mariska Hargitay and husband Peter Hermann, Aerin Lauder, Father Robert Stephapolis also had officiated their wedding
Earlier this month, Robin Hood dedicated their hero’s breakfast to Alex Navab. Robin Hood’s first heroes award was Immigrant Children’s Advocates Relief Effort (ICare) as Alex was an immigrant (was born in Iran and fled the Islamic revolution in 1979).
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Photography by: Madison Voelkel/