Megan Roup's Travel Wellness Tips

By Christina Najjar | June 10, 2019 | Lifestyle

Fitness has many shapes and forms. From heavy lifting and hiking to track and dance anything that gets you up and moving is doing your body good. Instagram sensation and New York City favorite Megan Roup believes dancing can sculpt the body in unbelievable ways. Originally from Santa Barbra, California, Megan moved to the big apple to follow her dreams. She attended New York University where she studied at the Tisch School of The Arts dancing and perfecting her craft. After completing her degree she went on to dance professionally in theater, concert dance and with the NBA’s Brooklyn Nets dance team, The Brooklynettes. Megan combined both her love for fitness and dance and made her passions into a career, The Sculpt Society. A class perfect for any girl on the go wanting to be healthy, long and lean in less than an hour! Megan’s love for dance and great music has created so many joyous memories for her and continues to make her very happy. Megan’s goal is to recreate that feeling for her clients in every single class. We chatted to the energizer bunny about how to stay healthy while on the go.


What are three things people can do to stay healthy when traveling?
MEGAN ROUP: Plan ahead, research where you’re going and what’s around you so you know where to pick up healthy bites. Bring healthy snacks with you on the plane so you’re not stuck with airplane food. Keep your workout routine going: just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean everything has to stop. Even if it’s 10 minutes in your hotel room, making time to move your body is so important.

Do you have any plane or in flight wellness routines?
MR: I try and drink a lot of water on the plane. I usually bring a liter with me and try and finish before the flights over.

What are a few moves people can do in their hotel room?
MR: Bring my The Sculpt Society Sliders with you while you’re traveling and stream one of my workout videos I have on my website for a quick, effective workout, that doesn’t require too much space.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?
MR: I’m traveling a lot this summer and I’m looking forward to teaching pop-up classes wherever I go!

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