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September by the Stars: Astrologer Madi Murphy on Your Monthly Horoscopes

By Madi Murphy | September 1, 2019 | Lifestyle

Our resident astrologer, Madi Murphy, breaks down your monthly horoscopes for September.


This September is a huge opportunity to release something, maybe an old sticky fear that’s been holding you back. Rambunctious ram, you are bold and badass. Don’t run from your anxieties or turn away from them—face them head on and get to know them. If you can do this, a huge transformation awaits you on the other side. There is also an opportunity to reignite a relationship (a romantic one, professional one or platonic one) around the Full Moon in the middle of the month. The ball is in your court so it’s up to you to make the first move (luckily, you’re oh-so-good at doing it.)


This month brings something to remind you that you must be the change you want to see in the world. Is something in your community bothering you or is there a larger injustice that you want to help fight? September is the time to take action. You are supported in this endeavour so go after it full force, you boss bull! It’s also time to do housekeeping on any friendships, associations or partnerships and clean out any that have felt draining, toxic or misaligned. The Full Moon in the middle of the month brings an opportunity to focus on yourself. Do something for your health and wellbeing and it will be greatly rewarded with positive and inspiring energy.


Oh, someone is having a boss moment. September brings you a huge opportunity to either uplevel your current career position—or leave it behind for a new project you’re more passionate about. The Full Moon in the middle of the month will usher in a huge invitation but it will be up to you to make the firm choice. Setting aside time for quiet and stillness (which we know can be hard for our gregarious Geminis!) will help ensure you can trust your decision fully.


Are you ready for a big wish to come true? This month brings magic that’s being manifested into real life for you. Exciting, right? But not so fast… first, you have to show the Universe that you are clear, certain and ready, moonchild. Spend some time writing down intentions and making a gratitude list. You are about to get the full keys to being the co-creator of your life! This means it’s time to make money moves in the way of your dreams and desires. The Full Moon will bring a soul-enriching moment so make time to nourish your heart and emotional self so you can soak it up.


Hello, my social butterfly! This month brings a flurry of activity—weddings, networking events, lunch dates, parties—so your calendar will be lit. Titillating conversations and auspicious connections will be yours in spades this September. The Full Moon will ask you to look at some self-limiting beliefs that you are being asked to let go of now. Old feelings of disappointment or rejection may be tied up in this but remember: the past is the past! You are a rockstar lion/lioness- let out a roar, shake it off of your gorgeous mane and get back on your regal AF prowl.


Love is in the air for you this month, mystical maiden! Something new is starting or reigniting for you right now. This fires you up in every aspect of your life. Something new is creating a spark that is bringing major inspiration and vibrancy to all areas of your life. The Full Moon in the middle of the month brings a sexy energy from a special someone that may just rock your world. Let yourself be swept off of your feet- we know you like to be in control but sometimes letting go of the reins allows room for extra magic and personal power. Enjoy the ride and know you’re worth everything good coming your way!


Welcome to your birthday season, cosmic cutie! This month is special because it’s the Vortex, aka the time of year during your solar return when the planets all align for you. You will feel your power and magnetism swell in magnitude and it is important to set aside time for self-care. Nurturing yourself, pampering yourself and honoring yourself; but also this includes getting clear with your boundaries and the direction you are headed. You may have been procrastinating on making a decision but it’s time to be crystal clear in all areas of your life. The Full Moon in the middle of the month is requesting you let your heart lead you—it knows where it wants to go. Just take the first step. And, remember when you release one thing, you make room for something amazing to replace it.


Time to stop playing small, my sexy scorpion. Has there been something holding you back from going after that creative passion project? Or have you been hesitant to fall deeper in love with a current partner? You will have a realization this month about the ways that you have been restricting and denying yourself. Take time to go within, look at your patterns and get excited to finally heal this. Ask for support with a trusted advisor or counselor. The Full Moon in the middle of the month is going to bring the opportunity to take a commitment to the next level so it will be the perfect time to practice your newfound skill of owning and trusting your personal power!


Two paths diverged in the woods- will you take the one less traveled? September brings you the option to choose the safe, comfortable choice or to take a big, sorta uncomfortable leap. There is great reward in believing in your own expansion. Ask yourself: I am picking this option out of faith or fear? Do I have faith in myself and the Universe or am I afraid I don’t deserve anything better? The Full Moon in the middle of the month is all about changing course and getting clear with the details of how you want this next chapter to look and feel. Pull back your arrow, cosmic archer, and take aim.


You are a moving target this month! With so much on your plate in September, you are busy, busy with new developments professionally, personally and travel. You might be overwhelmed and want to do everything at once. Be patient with yourself- you’re only one person after all! You’re doing great and a lot of the seeds you have planted are blooming now and will continue to do so this fall. The Full Moon in the middle of the month brings a burst of new energy and you are taking everything to the next level. Don’t forget to ask for help if you need—there are many people who would love to get involved with your projects, you successful sea goat.


This month your cosmic assignment is to really know your worth. Oooh, are you ready? Do you know it? Then the Universe is asking you to- wait for it—double it and then add tax. September brings a lot of positive energy to your financial sector: it’s time to collect on what you’re due and also starting understanding the value you offer to the world. Realign your priorities, delegate what’s not yours to do and redefine what you bring to the table. The Full Moon in the middle of the month is asking you to seek inspiration in the forms of poetry, art or music. Make space to let your mind have some fun and let your spirit fly.

There’s a breakthrough in the cards for you this month, my little mystical mermaid. Swim in your intuitive waters but also invite in structure. September asks you to get determined to get things done. Focus, follow through and clear communications are your BFFs right now. The foundations you set now will allow you more freedom at the end of the day. The Full Moon in the middle of the month brings balance back to your relationships and connections with others. Consider this month your call to step up your self worth and self love. Accept the invitation to step into a version of you the world has always been waiting for.

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