More Than Just a Pretty Face- Layna Boo

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | March 10, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,

Photo_Sep_13,_9_13_18_PM.jpgPhotography Courtesy of Layna Boo

Hailing from Canada, Layna Boo is a hardworking woman bursting with natural charm and beauty. Rightly so, she has now recognised her talents and is one of the top models representing her country.

As a child she was full of hopes and dreams, she knew that if she wanted something, she would get it provided she works hard towards it. It comes effortlessly because she has the passion to do such work. It is not the place that she is now that excites her, but the entire journey she had to go through. Although difficult, she would do it all over again provided the opportunity. Journeys like this teach people to enjoy life the way it is and embrace ourselves even though we are flawed. Currently, her fan following stands to over 6 million people on Instagram and is quickly growing to hit the next landmark of 10 million, which would really cement her presence as an internationally recognised model and influencer.

In a world where it is actually quite common to see misogynistic and patriarchal behaviour Layna Boo sure had to struggle a lot to prove that she is more than just another pretty face. However, with a list of achievements under her belt, there is no doubt about it that Layna Boo is the perfect mix of beauty and brains. Indeed, most of her biggest ventures are as a philanthropist. She has collaborated and contributed to several established organisations such as Big Brothers Big Sisters of America,12 step programs such as alcoholics anonymous and or eating disorders anonymous and has even taken part in the Alzheimer's walk to gain awareness of those who suffer from the disease. With the recent pandemic, Layna Boo has only grown much more interested in providing her services to those who are suffering from the lockdown and has been in charge of collecting and promoting donations from other sectors of the community. “At such crucial times we often look towards the wealthy but it is in these moments that individual acts of kindness and recognised and the fact is that we all are capable of some form of philanthropy”, Layna Boo adds. Her efforts have brought a smile to the lives of several people and given them a second chance to excel in life.

Layna Boo is an inspiration and motivation for several women around the world who also have big dreams and the desire to achieve them. If you are someone who wishes to support this hard-working woman make sure to check out Layna Boo on her social media platforms.

Photography by: Layna Boo