Mr. Seth Leitman, `The Green Living Guy®” Discusses Importance of Living Green

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | October 13, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


Meet Seth Leitman, known professionally as ``The Green Living Guy®”, he is using his passion and efforts to push the narrative of the benefits of living green. As an Author, advocate and consultant to progressive initiatives in energy conservation, Seth Leitman is building a better tomorrow, by creating a better today.

Often known as The Green Living Guy®, Leitman is the founder of The Green Living Guy Productions. It’s as Forbes coined. “a green living concierge service that helps clients implement more sustainable, environmentally safe services into their businesses.” The company conducts energy audits to assist businesses in developing green marketing campaigns, which has led Leitman to speak on behalf of Panasonic and Tesla at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).

Mr. Leitman is a twenty year advocate and spokesman for the go green initiative. He is up in arms when it comes to sustainability and preserving the way of life many Americans have grown accustomed to. Leitman, formerly of the New York Energy and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the New York Power Authority (NYPA), is passionate in the quest to provide and create clean energy which will fuel every aspect of the future.

Seth Leitman is a man of many hats, but saving the environment is one that he serves with no compromise. As an author, blogger, podcast, television network owner, EV expert and President of the Greater Hudson Valley EV Association, Mr. Leitman is leading the charge for clean energy. Known internationally as the “Green Living Guy®”, Leitman is leading the charge to persuade business leaders to implement more sustainable, environment safe initiatives to their business green campaigns to save the planet and stretch the dollar. “It's a win, win for all involved,” states Seth Leitman.

Living Green, is not just a catch phrase, but rather- a way of life. Leitman, to date, has been a part of an initiative that has planted over 600+ trees, resulting in 90,800 kg of CO2 absorbed. As the world heads down the path of EV vehicles to save on the emissions released in the ozone, Leitman has personally argued for electric transport over gas and diesel powered vehicles for over two decades. By reducing energy consumption and waste production, we can take an active part in saving the planet. It’s a social responsibility of not only the citizens, but business leaders to join in the movement for a greener planet. By investing in electric vehicles, solar, water and wind energy, we can provide an eco-friendly and sustainable future.

Seth Leitman is sought out all over the world for his green marketing strategies which are shaping modern culture. Leitman’s company conducts energy audits for various businesses to assist in building marketing campaigns towards clean energy and going green. Leitman has been tapped to speak on behalf of tech giants such as Panasonic and Tesla at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), held every January in Las Vegas. Leitman speaks of a cleaner future through the benefits of going green. The normal consumer thinks of the environmental advantages; however, the bottom line is increased profits, associate incentives, improved employee relations and the overall achievement of saving the planet.

In addition, Leitman is the author, editor and creator of a line of books, of the “Green Guru Guides”. It's a total of nine books published by McGraw-Hill. It's a series that helps individuals and businesses recognize and implement actions to reverse climate change. In recent studies, it is estimated that the air temperature over land is increasing, the Arctic sea ice extent is diminishing, and the Ocean heat content is increasing by astronomical numbers. If we continue on the current path, we will have no earth to call home. Leitman argues that the time is now! “We must reduce our carbon footprint, preserve the planet, and protect ourselves from the effects of climate change.”

These days, Seth Leitman can be found on his podcast, “The Green Living Guy®” (Spotify, iHeart, ITunes and Amazon Radio) in partnership with Crossover Media Group. As for television, Mr. Leitman has his own network show on in which the topics are living green and informing the masses of amazing electric car news. Viewers can access the Green Living Guy Show® via Leitman’s verified YouTube channel. With season one in the books, season 2-3 are also available exclusively on the Y networks. However expect Season 4 to be only exclusively on his Leitman's verified YouTube.

Photography by: Courtesy of Seth Leitman