Neu Nomads Pops up at 1 Hotels Central Park

By Christina Najjar | May 14, 2019 | Lifestyle

Neu Nomads, a luxurious and sustainable womenswear brand made entirely from biodegradable plant-derived fibers and non-toxic dyes, launched a month-long pop-up at 1 Hotels Central Park on Mother’s Day.


Manufactured in a solar-powered factory in India, which also employs women, this up-and-coming fashion company wants to bring a laid-back aesthetic to the sustainable fashion scene with its ultra-soft, lightweight and breathable fabrics. From shipping mailers to garment tags, all of Neu Nomads' packaging is zero-waste and 100 percent recycled.

The pop-up, which premiered on May 12, will be located in the lobby of the eco-friendly luxury hotel, 1 Hotels Central Park.

Neu Nomads is a New York-based fashion brand offering sustainable travel and everyday essentials for the modern woman. Founded by two former fashion industry insiders with decades of experience in sales, marketing and production, the full collection features elegant, timeless silhouettes in vibrant colors with price points under $150.


The production process for Neu Nomads begins with gathering wood pulp from sustainably managed and certified forests in India, Indonesia and Sweden. This is overseen by an intense forestry management system that maintains compliance with global standards of conservation. The natural fibers are then transformed into strong, silk-like textiles using energy-conserving and non-polluting manufacturing methods.

Afterward, the fabrics are treated with non-toxic, AZO-free and GOTS + OEKO certified dyes in a state-of-the-art facility in Jaipur that runs on solar power and rainwater purification technology. Our dye house is funded in part by the European Commission and Swiss government and has won global sustainability awards. The dyed fabrics are sent to be cut and assembled in female-owned factories that uphold the highest standards for healthy working conditions and fair wages.

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