5 New NYC Workouts To Kick Off Your New Year's Resolution

By Jordi Lippe-McGraw | January 5, 2018 | Lifestyle

You sipped on the egg nog, lounged by the fire, and toasted with that glass of champagne. Now it’s time to get moving with those New Year’s resolutions. And if you’re one of some 62 million people resolving to get fit, there’s no better way to jump start your health kick than by trying one of the city’s newest workout classes.

Here are five of the latest NYC fitness classes and studios you should try to kick off your New Year’s resolutions.



Victoria’s Secret models swear by this workout created by Stephen Pasterino that focuses on elongating and creating lean muscles through a low-impact routine. You’ll focus on both toning with weights and stretching to minimize the risk of injury, while still getting the results you want. He even developed certain tools, including the P. Ball, which helps you achieve that elusive thigh gap. Need to miss a workout? Don’t worry, there’s a streaming service of classes too. 112 Bowery, Floor 3, pvolve.com


Opened this past fall, SoulAnnex is the latest fitness offering from the founders of SoulCycle. But there’s not a spin bike in sight. The goal of this off-shoot if to provide supplemental workouts to your spin regimen that will help you tone muscle, stretch, and find balance. Their classes focus on moving, defining, and aligning and feature moves from traditional strength training, cardio, yoga, and stretching. Oh, and the studio reminds you more of sleek downtown nightclub than a sweaty gym. 32 W. 18th St., soul-cycle.com

Gluteus MAXout at Lifetime Athletic


The impressive Life Time gym in midtown west might not be new, but they are rolling out the Gluteus MAXout class this January to help you get the best legs ever. Over 45 minutes, you will burn calories and do strength training workouts using resistance bands and dumbbells to build your best legs and glutes. You’ll do frog walks, side steps, and pulse lunges in an expertly created series to ensure you’ll build the best bum ever. The gym also just launched their Apple GymKit technology, so you can easily pair your Apple Watch to Technogym treadmills, ellipticals, indoor bikes, or stair steppers for speedier results. Life Time Athletic at Sky, 605 W. 42nd St., lifetime.life

Sweat with Bec at Hotel Americano

Who says workout classes have to be in a gym? Hôtel Americano partnered with world-renowned fitness expert Bec Donlan to curate a new fitness program: Sweat with Bec. This 50-minute class is a mix of cardio and toning using SWB Booty bands to increase your heart rate and up the ante on those glutes. Then, you wind down with a Booty band stretch series to lengthen your body after a solid sweat. The class is complimentary to hotel guests, but you can sign-up for individual classes for $20 per person. 518 W. 27th St., hotel-americano.com

Future FHIX Kids Class


Getting in shape might not just be your resolution, but your child’s as well. The Fhitting Room has long been known for their drill-based workout classes for adults, but they will now offer classes for kids (ages 9-12) starting in January. Future FHIX classes are 50 minutes and have the same highly engaged, community-driven, fun group exercise environment as the Signature FHIX classes for adults. Classes will utilize bodyweight exercises, agility drills, plyometrics, and more to help kids improve overall conditioning, cardiovascular endurance, and build strength. 584 Columbus Ave., fhittingroom.com

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