Omar Alagha Shares His Opinion on CPA Marketing Being the Most Trusted Method for Brands

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | May 12, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

CPA marketing is becoming increasingly popular among brands due to its wider reach and cost-effectiveness. While other methods of online marketing campaigns like PPC and CPM have the possibility for fake clicks and visitors, CPA is clear of such pitfalls and is more result-oriented.


Advertising has evolved drastically since the last decade. For brands all over the world, advertising is more than just sales now. It is about creating brand value with a wider reach and generating leads in the process. Lead generation is more important because when sales slow down, brands can still continue their marketing campaigns with the leads from their database and try to convert them into customers.

Omar Alagha is a CPA marketing expert who has been guiding brands/advertisers to make every marketing campaign successful. He believes that brands are more focused on result-oriented methods like CPA (Cost per action) for marketing campaigns. This is because CPA programs allow the advertiser to pay the publisher only after an action has been taken by the customer on the ad. These actions generally include lead generation in the form of sign-ups and sales in the form of online purchases, booking limited period trials, etc.

According to Omar Alagha, advertisers are now finding CPA marketing campaigns more effective and cost-efficient than other methods of marketing. The reason behind this is the wider reach and diversified CPA networks. An advertiser can choose any reputed affiliate network to promote its brand or strike a deal with any company website that deals with similar content. The advertiser can also start an affiliate program with content creators and influencers if their content mirrors the brand’s image. Even search engines like Google have separate CPA programs with specified rates for advertisers. It completely depends on the advertiser to choose the right CPA network that will give the maximum exposure to the advertiser’s brand.

Another reason behind the growing popularity of CPA marketing campaigns is the ease in setting it up. Omar Alagha has found that brands want immediate action and cannot wait for long periods of time to start online advertising campaigns. In such cases, the CPA program comes as the best option that doesn't require a lengthy process to set up and run. Once the advertiser and the publisher negotiate on a deal regarding the cost per action, they can start working right away.

CPA marketing has offered a higher return on investment to advertisers from around the world. The marketing trend is fast catching up. As a CPA marketing expert, Omar Alagha feels that more and more e-commerce brands will shift to CPA marketing in the coming years. Considering the growth of CPA programs, businesses might reserve a portion of their budget for CPA marketing instead of investing in conventional marketing methods like PPC, social media, banner ads, etc.

Omar Alagha works as a mediator between brands and publishers with the goal of helping strike a mutually beneficial deal. While advertisers are constantly in search of the right publisher that can improve their brand's reach, publishers are looking for suitable advertisers to strike a good deal. Omar Alagha as a CPA expert acts as a bridge between advertisers and publishers, earning a small share of the profit for his services. He ensures that every deal that the advertiser enters for performance-based marketing becomes a total success.

Photography by: Omar Alagha