Plant People Launch Stay Sharp

By Christina Najjar | February 6, 2019 | Lifestyle

Fan favorite, Plant People have launched a new CBD capsule designed to improve focus, mental clarity, and memory - things we all could use a little more of! Founded by Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross, Plant People crafts high-performance supplements and food products with a CBD-based foundation plus activating herbal ingredients to enhance wellness. Alongside its high quality and innovative products, including capsules, tinctures, balms, and extra virgin olive oil, the company exists to empower people in making alternative and altogether more positive choices when it comes to healing the body and mind.


Their new supplement, Stay Sharp, is the first high-performance mélange of organic CBD and medicinal herbs that deliver a drug-free answer to cognitive enhancement. Adorable founders Gabe Kennedy and Hudson Gaines-Ross have mastered the art of an all-natural, plant-based supplement that delivers neuro-support and decreased anxiety—the best of both worlds.


Whether it’s maintaining a healthy work-life balance, meeting deadlines, or just trying to stay afloat, we understand that it’s getting more and more difficult to stay sharp. And with a rise in pharmaceuticals, it’s easy and tempting to turn to them when our focus and energy are compromised.


The first of its kind, each capsule contains 15mg of CBD and a dynamic blend of ancient herbs that work synergistically with one another, making it an unparalleled powerhouse of nature’s best remedies. You can take a capsule once to three times daily, morning or midday, and get the boost you need to work smarter and more efficiently. Where do we sign!

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