Quality Craftsmanship & Competitive Pricing Help HighLine Classics to Dominate Classic Broncos' Market

By: Karishhma Ashwin By: Karishhma Ashwin | May 3, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Whether one is a retiree, a child, or in between, everyone can agree that there’s a certain charm when it comes to a well-preserved classic car. As easy as it is to talk about their beauty, though, actually obtaining such a car is much tougher than anticipated. Finding one that’s in decent enough condition to fix up is a hard enough task within itself, but then coming up with all the money to buy it and restore it to mint condition is where many people run into issues.


Thankfully for car enthusiasts looking to add to their collections, the answer to their problems can be found through HighLine Classics. The restoration and dealership company was launched in 2015 by founder and CEO Josh Dougherty. They focus on all types of classic cars, but 95% of their work is done on ‘66 to ‘77 Broncos, which has earned them the title of one of the top five Bronco sellers in the world.

Though Josh has only been in the industry full-time for around five years, he has multiple decades worth of experience when it comes to working on and selling old cars. It was only a matter of time before he eventually quit his nine-to-five to start his own business, and the opportunity finally presented itself when he noticed the growing interest people were showing in classic Ford Broncos.

With that, Josh bought a few Broncos to fix up with the help of his longtime friend and now Shop Foreman, Matt Stiles. The two sold out as fast as they restored, allowing for the company to expand further. Fast forward to now, and the company has over 104,000 followers on their Instagram, a new shop to do all their work under one roof, and an ever-growing yearly revenue of seven figures.

So, what’s HighLine Classics’ secret to scaling? Other than their team of highly experienced mechanics, the company is set on giving each of their clients the best outcome possible for the most competitive price. To elaborate on this, Josh says, “We focus on quality and building the best Broncos money can buy.”

He’s not kidding; while other shops charge a minimum of $205,000, HighLine Classics offers builds that start at $149,000. And though their prices are much lower, they don’t lack in quality. Take their Coyote builds, for example; this specialized Bronco includes a new fuel-injected 435HP Coyote engine, an overdrive automatic transmission, heated leather seats, a roll cage, power disc brakes, new safety features, and much more. The finished product is a complete frame-off restoration, replacing every nut and bolt with new parts, and a show quality paint job.

With that type of attention to detail and quality, it’s clear that HighLine Classics has rightfully earned its spot as one of the world’s leading Bronco shops. They’re able to take a vehicle that’s half a century old and turn it into a rust-free and smooth-running work of art.

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