Holiday Glamour With Red Carpet Rocks

By Christina Najjar | November 29, 2018 | Style & Beauty


The holiday season is in full swing and that means endless parties and events to attend. This year, bring the glitz and the glamour without the stress of having to purchase new jewels for every new party. Enter Red Carpet Rocks. The genius company that allows you to borrow stunning pieces so that you can turn heads at every event you attend. Whether you’re looking for eye-catching earrings or a jaw-dropping necklace to steal the show, Red Carpet Rocks has over 600 breathtaking pieces for you to indulge in. Why have one necklace when you can have access to an entire


“The concept of borrowing jewelry instead of buying isn’t new; women have been doing that for decades. What is new, though, and what we’re so excited about, is the ability to source a different, beautiful, high-quality piece of jewelry for every event on your calendar.”


“The Red Carpet rental process is just as easy as borrowing from your best friend- but no longer are women limited to jewelry boxes of their friends and family. With the extensive 600-piece collection, shoppers can rest assured that they’ll find the perfect piece of jewelry for any occasion or celebration- holiday parties, weddings, New Year's Eve, date night, anything!”

Rental prices begin at $25.00 for a 4-day rental process. Visit for more information.

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