Sal Rich: Your Mindset And Daily Actions Form The Legacy You Leave Behind

Karishhma Ashwin Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | People Sponsored Post

An entrepreneur’s nature is built on the foundation of the people they connect with and the impression they make. Being one’s boss has no age barrier, and it takes hard work and determination to lead a life that one can be proud of and live a story worth telling. Here, rising entrepreneur and philanthropist Sal Rich talks about creating a legacy of his own for the world.


Rich is the co-founder of two hugely successful business ventures. He is an investor with knowledge about various use cases in cryptocurrency. He has also partnered with many brands in the sector of e-commerce. His brand Eclipse Relief specializes in 100% natural supplements in gummy form for all. Simultaneously, his other business, VS1 Whitening, provides affordable, at-home teeth whitening solutions. He adds, “It was important for me to make the brand cruelty-free. There are no side effects, and thousands of positive customer reviews attest to our success.”

In 2019, Rich graduated with a Masters of Science in Sustainable, Environmental and Civil engineering from Arizona State University. He loves the entrepreneurship business model and has implemented it in his business. Rich has taken his companies forward and scaled them up to millions of dollars in net worth in a 3-year time frame. He plans today to create a positive effect for the future. He does this by inculcating the concepts of culture and community he learned growing up in a tight-knit family home neighborhood.

Rich elucidates, “I believe that a person’s mindset and day-to-day actions form the legacy they leave behind. One must always think of the long-term repercussions of their actions and work to support the causes that help make the world a better place for all.” According to Rich, a legacy is a testament to the positive ripple effect that a person’s actions can have on generations to come. His goal is to innovate and bring forth a vision – for the consumers as much as for business owners.

Sal Rich agrees that his college years taught him crucial life lessons and shaped him to become a successful entrepreneur. Today, he is continually looking to push his boundaries and turn his time into assets – for the future of both his loved ones and his community.

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