Scott Popescu is Setting Standards for Social Media Marketers with BrookHaven Media

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | May 12, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Social media marketing is a competitive space where every agency or influencer is fighting for audience attention. Whatever is new and unique grabs the attention, the rest dies a natural death. Businesses all over the world prefer to run brand marketing campaigns on social media because of its reach and audience demography. While social media has stiff competition, it is also a medium offering numerous business opportunities.


BrookHaven Media is a digital marketing agency that has stood the test of time. The agency works with top brands to run viral marketing campaigns that are worth millions of dollars. BrookHaven Media also creates influencers with trending TikTok videos. The agency is the vision of Scott Popescu, a 27-year-old influencer and entrepreneur from the United States.

From the time he started using social media, Scott Popescu was intrigued by the business opportunities of the platforms. While social media was in its initial phase then, Scott was successful to discover its hidden potential. As he grew, he wanted to start his business in the digital space and thus ventured into social media marketing. After starting his agency BrookHaven Media, Scott Popescu realized that he needed to learn more strategies and tactics of social media to deliver his client’s expectations. If he himself on his social media accounts fails to grab attention, then his agency can never work with A-list clients was his intuition.

After years of hard work and persistence, Scott Popescu was able to draw millions of followers on his social media accounts on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. With his exponential growth on social media platforms, his agency BrookHaven Media was able to stand out from the crowd as a creator-led agency. He soon employed brilliant marketing strategies to ensure the content of his clients grabbed millions of eyeballs.

BrookHaven Media helps brands to create a wide-scale impression across all social media platforms even after the end of ad campaigns. The agency doesn't depend on many influencers to promote the brands of their clients. Scott Popescu with his extensive social media presence and a dedicated team of experts handles a lot of work.

At 27, running a successful social media marketing agency, Scott has carved his own success after many challenges and obstacles. He had to face criticisms and competition to reach where he is today. He worked hard for years until he was able to see real results. He believes that failures are a part of success and that no goal can be achieved without obstacles. All the obstacles that he has faced so far have only made him stronger to face the next one. He learned something new from every challenge he faced. He attributes his success to all those who have been a part of his journey so far.

Scott Popescu plans to explore more lucrative opportunities on social media platforms with BrookHaven Media. He plans to take his agency to new heights in the near future. Scott is an inspiration to many who are willing to venture into social media marketing but are afraid of challenges. He feels that if he was able to overcome it all to become a self-made entrepreneur and influencer, then anyone can.

Photography by: Scott Popescu