A Day in the Life of Sweat With Bec

By Christina Najjar | May 7, 2019 | Lifestyle

Bec Donlan, an Aussie transplant, is not only a leading wellness influencer to watch, but she is also a multi-hyphenate entrepreneur who got her start as a personal trainer in the fitness space and has built a loyal cult following for her Babes & Bands class. In 2016 and after incredible demand, she launched her SWB Booty Band Pack and shortly after the infamous "Cakemaker" band making workouts on the go as accessible as possible. She is also the proud co-founder of GoBasic.com a website where she will be selling all of her CPG products nationally. We chatted to the stunning Australian about her non-stop life in New York City.


What's a day in the life of Bec like?
BEC DONLAN: Pretty hectic haha!

Okkkk let’s do this:

  • 6 am wake up and straight to the gym to do fasted cardio on the Stairmaster for 30 minutes, (I also use this time to get my head around the day quickly flag all high priority items for the day) I then go straight into 30 mins of weight training.
  • 8am-11am I see clients for personal training sessions
  • 11am-2pm I work on SWB related stuff, this will be everything from creative to copywriting to content creation.
  • Afternoons are when I head to our Go Basic office to team up with my work wife Jil Larsen and we work on all the Go Basic related things.
  • Nights can be anything from events/ sessions/ tequila-fueled work sessions or much needed nights in with Cashew (my Pomeranian) but no matter what I religiously end my day with an Epsom salt bath.

What would you say the biggest difference between Australians and New Yorkers is?
BC: Hmmm that’s a tough one, I think the main diff would be that Aussies are a little more relaxed and laid back, which is amazing but I'm a sucker for the NYC hustle.


Can you list your favorite healthy spots in NYC?
BC: Magic Mix Juicery and HU Kitchen

Favorite places to work out in NYC?
BC: I love a good gym weights session, New York Pilates

Most exciting thing happening with your brand in the next few months?
BC: SO many things! We (Go Basic) just launched our SPREADABLES which we are super excited about, as far as SWB goes, the website is getting a little bit of a facelift and I’ll be launching online workouts REALLY soon so stay tuned!

What neighborhood do you live in and why?
BC: FiDi! Originally I moved to FiDi from the WV bc I needed an apartment with a doorman and access to an amazing home gym. I was dreading it but since moving there, it’s now coming on three years and I love the area so much. It’s super accessible, Cashew loves the dog parks, I love my building and I co-incidentally have my entire @gobasic crew of babes within blocks.

You are clearly a beauty fanatic! What is your favorite skin care treatment/beauty brand at the moment?
BC: I’m completely addicted to Lauren Hackney’s Model Glow Facial at New York Dermatology, it’s a combo of microdermabrasion, endymed skin tightening, Colbert MD face mask with LED lights and cryotherapy. Then, of course, I couldn’t live without SB SKIN’s microcurrent facial.

What is your daily mantra?
BC: The more you bake the bigger the cake. This translates to anything from building booty in the gym to the more effort you put in the bigger the reward.

Describe @sweatwithbec in three words.
BC: Sassy, hustler, unapologetic

Photography by: Photography Courtesy of Sweat with Bec