Tanya Taylor Partners with Farrow & Ball to Inspire Creativity

By Sarah Bray | November 20, 2018 | Lifestyle

Tanya Taylor is on a cross-continent road trip and painting towns in Farrow & Ball all along the way.


“I’ve always believed in the emotional impact of color,” says fashion designer Tanya Taylor (tanyataylor.com), a self-described eternal optimist known for her energetic and inclusive dresses for sizes 0 to 22. Every print in her eponymous line starts with a painting at her Soho studio, though she is not a trained artist. “Painting in response to prompts can heal, stimulate memories and shift outlooks,” she says of the process she calls color therapy. This fall, Taylor led color therapy classes at Farrow & Ball showrooms in Chicago; Greenwich, Conn.; New York City; and Toronto. “I ask each guest to pick a paint from Farrow & Ball’s color range that represents things from their first kiss and heartbreak to their career struggles and dreams for the future,” she says, admitting to often dipping her brush in Elephant’s Breath, an opalescent gray that picks up different hues in natural light. “Naturally, everyone starts mixing colors and sharing their feelings with the rest of the group.” Far from a paint-by- numbers chart or Pinot and Picasso concept, the class is a deep exploration of emotion. “What’s funny is, people always feel like there needs to be more rules,” she says. “They’re like, ‘Where do I start on the canvas? What kind of shapes do I need to paint?’ But there are no rules or rights or wrongs. I want people to explore that blank space for an hour.”