The Freedom Era: 5 Inspiring Influencers Who Have Created An Online Empire

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The internet presents a wealth of opportunities for starting a business. Direct customer interactions and highly effective marketing strategies can be found in abundance in the digital realm. The possibilities are endless and do not require physical infrastructure like other business models. However, to succeed as an online entrepreneur, it is necessary to acquire certain skills, gain access to the right resources, and possess the relevant knowledge. The Freedom Era aims to provide a supportive foundation for aspiring online business owners and acts as a launch pad for budding online entrepreneurs.

The Freedom Era is an organization that provides aspiring and established entrepreneurs with the resources and support needed to build and scale successful online businesses. By partnering with The Freedom Era, entrepreneurs can access a variety of growth tools such as proven training courses, networking opportunities, and mentorship from top entrepreneurs. Through these resources, entrepreneurs can learn how to break free from the traditional 9 to 5 work model and become their own boss, achieving financial freedom and the ability to live life on their own terms.

The Academy, a self-led coursework program offered by The Freedom Era, provides all the necessary tools and knowledge for building and scaling an online business. The company also offers high-ticket programs designed to increase revenue and drive success.

Through The Freedom Era's mastermind program, entrepreneurs can connect with and learn from top entrepreneurs who have already successfully built 7 to 8-figure online brands. This program provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to gain insights and strategies from those who have already walked the path to success.

The Freedom Era's platform has changed the lives of many individuals, offering a perfect platform for passion-driven individuals seeking greater freedom and flexibility in their businesses while achieving financial stability. The company is proud to feature the top 5 internet entrepreneurs who are inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of starting successful online businesses.

1. Melanie Ann Layer

As the founder and CEO of Alpha Femme, Melanie Ann Layer is a digital creator and business coach who has already surpassed the 8-figure mark. Starting her journey in 2017, Melanie has gradually climbed the ladder of success to own several successful ventures, including Alpha Femme, a mentorship program for aspiring female entrepreneurs. Alpha Femme is currently a brand worth more than $60 million.

Melanie has mastered the art of online business to become an inspiration to thousands of women who want to achieve financial stability through an online venture. She is also counted among the top trainers at The Freedom Era.

2. Preston Smiles

Preston Smiles is an internet entrepreneur, digital creator, business coach, and author. He is a motivational messenger, the founder and CEO of The Love MOB, and the inspirational writer of The Bridge Method, published by Simon & Schuster. Preston is the chief messenger at Preston Smiles Speaks. The Love MOB is an online platform connecting billions of people to the power of a supportive community that shares a similar vision. The Bridge Method is a comprehensive training platform that is specifically designed to bring about the best in every person to help them become limitless.

Preston's approach to business mentorship starts with a person's emotional and spiritual well-being. He believes a person can be limitless only if they amplify their inner power. Preston has so far empowered over 100K people to become financially independent while living fulfilling lives. Preston is inspiring millions to join his journey and become the best version of themselves.

3. Regan Hillyer

Regan Hillyer is an 8-figure digital entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker. She founded Regan Hillyer International, a company helping people become financially free with any business they choose to venture into. She is the creator behind the Energetic Architecture Method, a unique manifestation modality that leverages the power of the quantum field to allow people to return to their natural state in every area of their lives. Regan is also a certified master of NLP, a master of hypnosis, a time dynamics specialist, and a success strategist.

Other ventures founded and owned by Regan are The Nest Costa Rica, Have It All Publishing, and ASCENSION SWIM. Have It All Publishing is an online platform guiding budding authors through the steps of publishing their own books and becoming best-selling authors. The Nest Costa Rica is a real estate venture offering luxury eco-living on more than 600 acres of Costa Rican paradise. ASCENSION SWIM is a high-end swimwear brand that creates exclusive pieces from recycled ocean waste. Regan is one of the best business trainers at The Freedom Era, motivating millions to chase their dreams.

4. Stephanie Shultz

Stephanie Shultz is a millionaire coach, content generator, social media influencer, and community builder. She is also a wealth-building strategist. As a business coach, Stephanie has helped millions develop 6 to 7-figure brands through social media. She is also a master of sales planning for businesses and uses social media as a medium to drive sales growth. Her program, Offer Incubator, shares every tool and resource needed for aspiring entrepreneurs to build a business model that can scale through lucrative offers.

Listed among the top influencers and business coaches at The Freedom Era, Stephanie has helped people develop businesses from scratch and grow them to 7-figure brands online. She believes in the power of a community of like-minded people who help each other grow. As a community builder, Stephanie has unlocked doors for aspiring entrepreneurs to connect and support each other on their journeys to financial freedom.

5. Scott Oldford

Scott Oldford completes this list of 5 top influencers and trainers at The Freedom Era. He is a business advisor to aspiring internet entrepreneurs. As an investor, Scott also supports budding entrepreneurs who have promising ideas by helping them scale to 7 to 8-figure businesses. Scott has discovered 21 proven principles to scale any business online while living a life of harmony. Many of his students are already earning thousands from their growing online brands.

Scott is hopeful about the future of online businesses across all industries and countries. As a business coach, he has mentored thousands of budding entrepreneurs and shared his knowledge, experience, and predictions with them. Scott's success as an entrepreneur and business coach has seen him featured in several media outlets and publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Inc. Magazine, Success, NBC, Time, and more. He is also a community builder who encourages new entrepreneurs to join his community to meet like-minded people, learn from them, and grow.

Final Thoughts

The Freedom Era is a global community of successful entrepreneurs who are helping each other scale their businesses and become financially stable. The company is on a mission to provide its community members with opportunities for visible growth. The 5 top influencers and business coaches listed above are perfect examples of this. They have not only developed their online ventures but also scaled them to become successful online brands worth millions. Now they’re teaching members of The Freedom Era how to do the same.

People who have already walked your path and are aware of the ins and outs of your industry can be a great source of learning when it comes to business. The Freedom Era offers others this opportunity along with some incredible resources that expand your choices while building a sustainable business.

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