The Rockaway Hotel Opens From Curious Yellow And Morris Adjmi Architects

Ashley Wu | October 19, 2020 | Lifestyle

With an interior designed by Curious Yellow, a new hotel is transforming the rockaways into the ultimate city getaway.

rockaway hotel roomGuest rooms feature teak accent walls and photography from locally and internationally renowned artists, including a print by Susannah Ray from the series Down for the Day.

Providing a stylish escape from the chaos of the adjacent urban life, the newly opened Rockaway Hotel reflects the laid-back spirit and vibrant atmosphere of the Rockaways. With hints of 1960s beach culture and artistic themes, the 84,000-square-foot hotel retains playful design throughout. Curious Yellow Design and Morris Adjmi Architects modeled the project after its surroundings. “Rockaway is dynamic, fun and ever-evolving; we were inspired by the local community and culture,” says Anna Cappelen, a head designer at Curious Yellow Design.

Morris Adjmi Architects crafted the architectural base by designing the new building to complement small bungalows set along the shoreline. Inspired by old hotels that used to flank the Rockaways’ boardwalk, the hotel’s pool, roof and Margie’s Restaurant all echo the retro glamour of past haunts.

Rockaway Hotel RoomSustainable textures mixed with white walls adhere to Curious Yellow’s Scandinavian design aesthetic.

The hotel is characterized by a medley of different textures, art pieces and materials that mesh together to create a relaxing, contemporary feel. Curious Yellow’s interior design team mixed surfaces such as teak, linen, wool, leather and rattan to concoct an eccentric overtone. “Our design mission is to transport visitors to their most idyllic escape, to generate an aesthetic that captures their coolest friend’s beachside bungalow mixed with the tranquility and warmth of their dream getaway,” Curious Yellow head designer Chloe Pollack-Robbins says.

Curious Yellow Design’s team incorporated the Scandinavian design principle of keeping things simple—the textures are blended together seamlessly so that the space wouldn’t feel cluttered. Guest rooms include accent walls made of teak, which contrast nicely with the otherwise minimal white walls. A series of artworks is on display from both local and internationally known artists, such as photographers Roe Ethridge and Hannah Whitaker.

Rockaway Hotel Room BedCustom beds crafted from teak and rattan add texture to the space.

Curious Yellow and Morris Adjmi Architects also ensure that the hotel does not negatively impact the surrounding environment. Curious Yellow sourced timbers from legally forested teak farms for the guest rooms’ accent walls. Additionally, the use of rattan seeks to limit the effects of deforestation due to the material’s ability to replenish itself in fewer than seven years. The Rockaway Hotel also meets New York’s “Zone Green” requirements due to efforts on the part of Morris Adjmi Architects to construct a green roof along the building’s balconies. By sticking to an energy-efficient model, the hotel pays true homage to its environment. From $350 per night at peak season, 108-10 Rockaway Beach Drive, Queens,

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Photography by: Matthew Placek