We Met at Acme Hosts a Valentine's Day Soiree

By Christina Najjar | February 15, 2019 | Lifestyle

Valentine’s Day has come and gone, but thanks to Lindsey Metselaar, the romance might be lingering. The born and bred New Yorker and host of the hit Podcast, We Met At Acme, held a Valentine’s Day mixer last night with hopes of igniting romance amongst the city’s gorgeous young singles. Metselaar has become somewhat of a dating guru through hosting the podcast. From curating guests to polling her audience on Instagram, she’s amassed an enormous amount of knowledge about the ins and outs of dating in New York City. Though Lindsey is taken, she thoughtfully planned a Valentine’s Day mixer so that those unattached would have something fun to do on the big day. We chatted to the host about the fabulous event and the romance of New York City.


What was the inspiration behind the event?
LINDSEY METSELAAR: The inspiration behind the Valentine's Day mixer was to bring our listenership to life. We Met At Acme is a dating podcast so most of our listeners are single and primarily live in NYC. We do mixers often, but the Valentine's Day one is most important to me because I don't want anyone to feel alone on this holiday which is basically designed to make you feel alone if you don't have a partner. I love the idea of empowering singles and giving them preference and that's what I wanted to cultivate an environment for them specifically.

How many people attended?
LM: We had a strict list of 150 people, and about 200 came out. My intern was working the door but she felt too bad about turning people away on Valentine's Day so we basically tossed the list to the side after an hour or so in.

What's important about setting the mood at an event like this?
LM: It's important for people to feel comfortable. For some, that means having a drink waiting for them right when they arrive. The Bar Room was kind enough to provide a free glass of prosecco upon arrival. We also had candy all over, and nice dark mood lighting. Another element that helped was that we had our team there and chatting with each other so that it looked like couples were already forming, and no one knew that it was just two friends!

Did sparks fly? See any connections happening?
LM: Yes! I was so glad to see so many couples hitting it off. My favorite story was that a man and a woman had met this past Saturday night in the bathroom line at The Lately bar. They had a funny meetcute and then exchanged a few texts but neither of them really continued. Then, all of sudden, the woman is standing with her friend by the banquet and the man walks in with his friend! They lock eyes and she goes "wait, I know you" and he remembered her as well. They spent the rest of the night chatting, and I'm pretty sure they set up a future date. They both individually told me how strange it is that they ran into each other because they had been thinking of the other one.

Another couple included two former guests of the podcast who happen to be single. I had a feeling they would hit it off so I introduced them and the next thing I know they didn't leave each other's sides all night.

What's the most romantic thing about New York City?
LM: The most romantic thing about New York City is the spontaneity and the randomness of it all. It's such a huge city yet you can be in a tiny room on the Upper East Side and run into the one person you happened to be thinking about. And then do all these things after as well! I was really enjoying the event, and then after I went to China Town with my boyfriend to get the last seating of our favorite Chinese food. To go from the Upper East Side to Chinatown on a whim within 30 minutes and have it still be open at 10 is one of the best perks of living in a city that never shuts off. It was probably the only restaurant without a Valentine's Day price fix menu, and the best part is that there were tons of other couples there as well! Romance is in the spontaneity and NYC gives us the ability to explore that.

What other events do you have on the horizon?
LM: We have so many exciting events coming up. One with the founder of Hinge, one with amazing content creator and influencer Lucie Fink, another with fashionista Alyssa Cosarelli, another with a former Top Chef Gabe Kennedy and so much more! We also have more mixers in the pipeline which are always my favorite.

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