51 Things to do in New York When It's Really Cold Outside

By Anna Ben Yehuda | February 13, 2015 | Lifestyle

Don't let low temperatures keep you from enjoying all that is New York City. We've thought up 51 things you can do, even when it's well below freezing. And none of them involve curling up in your bed and staying there until spring....

11 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
Netflix recently released all 10 seasons of hit series Friends

1. Binge on Netflix
Netflix recently released all 10 seasons of Friends. How ya doing?

2. Catch Up on Some Reading
We suggest Lena Dunham’s memoir, Not That Kind of Girl, in preparation of the season 4 premiere of Dunham's HBO show, Girls. Or opt for a classic that will most likely take you all month to read, Dave Eggers' A Staggering Work of Heartbreaking Genius (trust us, it's worth it).

10 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
Among the many foodie offerings at Brookfield Place: Black Seed Bagel

3. Spend the Entire Day Eating (Without Ever Stepping Outside)
Recently opened Brookfield Place offers Sprinkles cupcakes, Black Seed Bagels, Blue Ribbon sushi, and more. This means you can spend all day eating there.

4. Catch a Broadway Show
We recommend catching Bradley Cooper in The Elephant Man.

5. Upload the Perfect Instagram Picture
We’re not the biggest fans of Times Square but there’s no doubt that the neighborhood’s New York Marriott Marquis offers unparalleled views of the city. Head to the hotel’s 48th floor and grab a table at the revolving rooftop restaurant (beware: it makes a 360-degree turn every hour). Time lapse photos have never looked so good.

9 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
The blueberry jam doughnut at Dough will rock your culinary world

6. Have the Best Doughnut You'll Ever Have in Your Life
These temperatures call for some decadent snacks. Our pick: Dough’s mind-numbingly delicious doughnuts.

7. Spend All Day at Brunch
Some of our favorites: The Smith, Café Orlin, Sarabeth’s, Kitchenette.

8. Watch Every Single Movie You Promised Yourself You’d Watch (But Haven’t Yet)
Awards season is here and we’re planning on spending a whole day catching up on everything we missed. Regal Union Square Stadium 14 is showing Wild, Interstellar, The Theory of Everything, and Exodus: Gods and Kings. Basically, head to the theater and never leave.

9. Read Up on the City’s Food and Drink News
Take shelter at some of our favorite dining spots. Or, if you're truly too cold to step away from your computer, just compile a wishlist that you'll visit once you get feeling back in your fingers.

10. Warm Up With a Glass of Wine
We certainly wouldn’t mind spending an entire day at City Winery (frigid temperatures or not).

11. Laugh the Cold Away
Check out the Comedy Cellar’s lineup for the month and let top comedians take your mind off the weather.

8 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
Dominique Ansel recently announced the opening of a second New York City location

12. Learn All About the Genius Behind the Cronut
Dominique Ansel recently shared some insights on how to get a cronut and where he got his start.

13. Indulge in Warming Winter Drinks…
Here are the best places to grab an afternoon tea in New York. Prefer some hot chocolate? Head to Oro Bakery and Bar (coffeehouse by day, wine bar by night). You can also warm up while sipping on a hot cocktail on a rooftop.

14. …Or Make Them Yourself
Take a class at the New York Bartending School and we’re pretty sure you’ll never need to go to a bar again (also, here’s how to build the perfect at-home bar).

15. Feast on an Endless Amount of S'Mores
The hot treat is perfectly appropriate right now. Pro tip: pretend it's July and that you're actually enjoying this around a campfire.

16. Pamper Yourself
Because the best skincare can be found in New York City hotel spas, of course!

17. Eat All the Cheese You’ve Ever Dreamed of in One Sitting
Flatiron’s Beecher’s is your dream come true.

18. Get to Know the Star of Clint Eastwood's American Sniper
And, no, we're not talking about Bradley Cooper.

19. Expand Your Horizons...
...by signing up for one (or some) of these awesome classes.

7 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
Astoria's Tacuba offers tropically-inspired cocktails

20. Pretend You’re Actually in the Tropics
Alcohol plus exotic ambiances mean you'll forget all about the cold at these bars.

21. Spend the Entire Day Eating
Tribeca’s Atera offers a 20-course meal. All you need is the time to enjoy it (and $459).

22. Snuggle Up With a Pet
Adopt a furry cuddle partner at American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). Can't have pets? You can still visit the facilities and volunteer.

23. Hide While Indulging in Delicately Crafted Cocktails
The Lower East Side’s Back Room is a speakeasy (one of two in the city that operated during Prohibition and is still open) that serves drinks in teacups. It’s hidden behind a toy shop. There’s no way the cold could find you here.

24. Finally Learn How to Make That French Pastry Properly
French’Encas offers awesome French cooking classes that will make you feel like a professional chef.

6 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
Spend the day making Bouchon Bakery's famous salted macarons

25. Or Try to Replicate Bouchon Bakery’s Salted Macarons
This easy-to-follow guide even has step-by-step photos. You got this.

26. Get Lost in the Music
The annual Winter Jazzfest kicks off this weekend and you’ll find us there, no matter the temperature.

5 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
The Rink at Brookfield Place recently opened for its second season

27. Attempt to Go Ice Skating
If you're really intrepid, bundle yourself up a la Randy in A Christmas Story and hit The Rink at Brookfield Place. Bonus: Tourists have yet to discover this precious gem.

28. Get Your Mind Blown Courtesy of Game of Thrones and Orange is the New Black
What do the shows have in common? Games of Thrones' Peter Dinklage and Orange is the New Black's Taylor Schilling star in the revival of Ivan Turgenev's A Month in the Country (starting January 9) at Classic Stage Company.

4 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
Warm up with Two Hands' delicious and photogenic coffee.

29. Have Coffee, Obviously
Even if you do it every day, this is the time to indulge judgment-free at Two Hands.

30. Go to an Off-the-Beaten Track Museum
How about the Elevator Historical Society? Or, maybe, the City Reliquary?

31. Work Through Your Foodie Checklist
Or get some inspo from ours? Here are our 2015 foodie resolutions.

32. Revamp Your Wardrobe (With Heavy Scarves, Gloves, and Hats)
Head to The Shops at Columbus Circle and spend the entire day indoor shopping.

33. Get Your Hair Did
Make an appointment at Drybar’s Meatpacking location and get a fresh new 'do.

34. Learn How to Be Healthy... While Indulging?
Brooklyn's The Cobra Club defines itself as "a bar. A coffee shop. A venue. A yoga studio." See what they're all about.

3 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
Two Meow Parlour pals at play.

35. Play With Cats
At the new Meow Parlour. We did it. We loved it.

36. Online Shop Until You Drop
Eventually, you’ll have to go outside. When that happens, you'll want to be wearing the warmest boots around. See some boots that no one else will have.

37. Stock Up on Jam
Anarchy in a Jar
offers amazing jam-making classes that focus on local produce.

38. Plan a Weekend Getaway
Because it’s just too cold to stay here. Pack everything in one of these bags.

39. Lounge in Your PJs All Day (It Doesn't Even Need to Be Cold For This)
You deserve it. Trust us.

40. Redecorate Your Apartment
Restoration Hardware
is our go-to when it comes to all things decor.

41. Learn Something New About Annie Leibovitz
You've still got some time to peruse the photographer's exhibit, Annie Leibovitz: Pilgrimage at The New-York Historical Society.

42. Get Started on That Cleanse You've Been Researching
Most of these companies deliver, so you can't even use "it's too cold to go out" as an excuse.

43. Binge on How to Get Away With Murder
Because the show returns on January 29 and Jack Falahee told us how he would get away with murder.

44. Get Real About Getting Into Shape
If the gym isn't for you, be creative: try Yoga to the People, Physique 57, or the 92nd Street Y's gymnastics classes.

2 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…
Dream of a vacation somewhere far away and warm, like Bali.

45. Dream of Vacation
On our checklist: Bali, Paris, Tokyo, and Wellington.

46. Take the Kids to the Big Apple Circus…

47. …Or the Museum of the Moving Image

48. Eat Pasta
You can even make it yourself. The experts at Giovanni Rana tell us how....

1 - 51 Things to do in New York When It's Real…Eddie Fisher, Elizabeth Taylor, and Mike Todd in 1958—the year that Sinatra and friends changed the Golden Globes for good.

49. Get Ready for the Golden Globes
Here are 11 things you need to know about the awards show

50. Sit Back, Relax, and Revel in the Best Massage of Your Life
The Spa at Andaz Wall Street offers all day-packages that you'll want to turn into monthly traditions.

51. Plan a Party
Because you never really need a reason to celebrate. And this way, everyone can just come over to your place.


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