Where Design Meets Passion: Anthony Bold's Journey In Accelerating Ideas Into Reality.

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | June 2, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


“Design and Passion are powerful tools for advancement” Anthony expresses on the phone call preceding our interview for this piece.

With passion and belief one can accomplish seemingly impossible tasks, in what would appear to be an almost “magical” fashion to the untrained eye. The mental fortitude required to triumph over external obstacles while maintaining a laser-like focus on the ultimate outcome one is determined to bring to life is what separates an entrepreneur from everyone else.

Sir Winston Churchill once said: “Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”

“Relentless persistence” and “Stay Strong” are key phrases used by Anthony Bold , because without such embodiment, those who dare to dream at a larger scale would never be able to materialize such dreams; Clarity of vision, unwavering determination and resourcefulness are the ingredients to a winning mentality, and one that opens the doors to colossal success in almost any endeavor.

Anthony Bold is a force to be reckoned with. The founder and CEO of multiple companies understands these principles and applies them in his daily life. His unique approach to design, utility, and strategic implementation of practical systems has enabled him to successfully disrupt major industries including technology, wellness, hydration, and even the art world.

But the question is, how does he do it?

The answer is simple: he never allows external circumstances to deter him from his chosen outcome. Anthony virtuously leverages his inner game and personal confidence in a way that is seldom seen, and he even infuses the same triumphant mentality unto every one of his employees, business partners and associates.

More recently, Mr. Bold has invested his time, energy and creativity into the design and development of a powerful slate of companies and projects aimed improving the quality of life for people, including the impeccably designed on demand wellness delivery platform, DROPLET™ which was created with the goal of making wellness accessible and affordable for everyone and DRINK WATR™ a company focused on raising the quality standard for daily drinking water and is geared towards those who never quit on what they aim to achieve – like Bold himself – who are constantly searching for quality solutions that support the physical and mental demands that come with living life at the highest level.

When it comes to the world of sexy pop and modern art, Anthony successfully created, launched GRIT BY DESIGN™, a platform where Bold collaborates with artists to create spectacles out of their artwork. During the inaugural affair and launch during Miami's preeminent arts and culture festival, Art Basel; Bold received notoriety for ulling off the spectacles in record time, as reported by Elite Luxury , Ocean Drive, and Haute Living.

As if running multiple disruptive companies wasn´t enough, Bold is also a helicopter pilot and passionate about all things aviation related; He recently granted us an in-depth interview and shared some of his key insights as well as his background and sources of inspiration, here's what Anthony told us:

How would you describe your personality and approach to business?

Bold. My approach to business is simple, clarity in communication, integrity in design, bold in ideas, and bold in execution. I am incapable of sitting around and chatting for the sake of conversation, I must execute, so every moment I have is accounted for. This is what it takes to turn several projects from ideas to reality, at the same time. Some people comment to only focus on one thing, but this is what feels natural for me, to focus on one thing, but, one thing, at a time.

When did you discover your ability for strategic thinking and passion for design?

At an Early age. I was always curious and asking why. Generally, I’ve learned that when you are curious, you are always following the tree of decisions that lead to a specific outcome. Clearly when you’re a kid it’s not always defined that way, but it is the process. It becomes valuable in life.

Before launching GRIT BY DESIGN™, had you been involved in other art related ventures?

Zero experience in the Art industry. However, I do appreciate the craft of being an Artist. Ultimately, you don't need experience in anything, you just need passion, through passion you will search and find solutions to any issues or lack of competence that you have, by associating with those that can bring that trait in value. Once you understand this as a designer, creator, or entrepreneur, it’s powerful.

What piece of advice resonated with you the most ?

When I was an adolescent. I was watching an NBA basketball game, and my father came over and turned off the TV. I got frustrated, and he responded, that those players are out there living their dream, and me watching them isn't the best use of my time, so I should go to bed to wake up and figure out how to live out my dreams. I will never forget that moment. It was instrumental in me having my perspective. The more I experience, the more I realize how many distractions present themselves along the way, starting in youth. So grateful that my Father instilled this value in me at a young age. Also, he guided me to understand that people aren't to be idolized, but rather respected, and it's more important to focus on the opportunities that God presents you with, to live out your visions.

Name three people who inspire you, and why?

I don't usually draw inspiration from other people, but rather opportunities to create things other people can benefit from and enjoy. Design and Creative utility, give me energy. However, for the sake of this interview, I would say, besides my Father… I would say, my Great Grandfather. My Grandfather, and Elon Musk. My great grandfather was an amazing man. He had an inspirational temperament, and because of it, the people around him admired him. I never saw him extreme, he was always in control. My Grandfather is inspiring, left the economic and socio economic civil oppression my maternal family experienced in Cuba, and to build a life in the United States. In lieu of seeking handouts, he worked his way to provide a great life for his family. He is one of the sharpest people I know to this day, and grateful I can still share my life with him.

Elon Musk is an inspiration because he has always run multiple projects at once, and achieved the highest level in doing so. I have a proclivity for this sort of balancing act, and most people try to force me to focus on one, but what they don't know is that this is the way that feels most natural to me. I also admire how he can take an idea to reality, swiftly, because of his resources. Most people buy into projects when they see that it is becoming real. Supremely helpful when an entrepreneur can get their idea started right away.

How would you describe DRINK WATR™, and its potential to disrupt the status quo?

DRINK WATR™ is focused in offering customers the most quality drinking water possible, even our standard product kits which include Alkaline + Electrolytes and Pure + Electrolytes, are 5 times purified, and are one of the securest electrolyte sources on the drinking water market. Moreover, the bottles uniquely contain a full sleeve label that protects the contents of the bottle from environmental factors, so that our customers can have a fresh taste with every sip. The bottle itself was customized by me, as well. It’s a unique 20oz style bullet bottle, and aside to provide its sleek design as we all seen, its specifically designed that way so that customers can easily calculate their daily hydration easily, along with the WATR GUIDE™ on the side of each product kit.

How would you describe DROPLET™ and its potential to disrupt the status quo?

Achieving daily wellness is inherently expensive. DROPLET™ will make wellness readily available and affordable to everyone. A lot of the expense decreases from removing a lot of unnecessary and antiquated steps in the distribution chain. Look forward to sharing more in the near future. Expect its release in June / July 2022.

What are some of your favorite hobbies?

Aviation, basketball, mountain biking, and designing. I love aviation, and playing basketball. I have a court in our offices located in Wynwood Miami. In the rare instances when I am not working, I am in the helicopter, flight training, and learning from some great helicopter pilots. Eventually, I'd like to use my helicopter aviation skills for humanitarian missions with a couple of my companies, particularly WATR™.

Is there a secret for mental fortitude and resilience in the face of adversity?

Faith in God, and from that, appreciating the confidence that comes from it. Appreciate it all. The trials, and the wins. Drink lots of DRINK WATR™ . This isn't a plug, the benefits of daily hydration and daily electrolyte support, are profound in terms of energy and mental focus.

What has been your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur?

Knowing the difference between imagination and wishful thinking, as well as detachment from the pessimists and naysayers.

How did you overcome it?

Faith in God, and self-confidence. Following your instincts is paramount in life. For me, that comes from my relationship with God. Through this, I learned how to self-validate. This is so important when you are starting out with a new idea, because it’s very delicate in the beginning. Once people see it become realized, they usually jump onto support.

Can you share a piece of advice for readers who might want to launch a business?

Follow your instincts, and set a path based on those instincts. Then stay very close to that path, as you resolve setbacks, no matter what anyone says or does to throw you off. Passion and diligence will lead you to fruition. Obstacles and hurdles are a certainty, but your choice in dealing with them is in your control. Also, maintain wellness, as well as DRINK WATR™ and STAY STRONG®.

Photography by: Courtesy of Anthony Bold