Will Makris' Zero Bond is the New Swanky Hot Spot for High Society

Mike Gurman | November 13, 2020 | The Latest


Exclusive membership clubs have been in existence for decades, servicing the upper echelon of the social hierarchy. The cornerstone of such membership clubs is privacy and exclusivity, as this is what attracts members of high society, and is a big reason why others want to join. The biggest issue facing this business is scaling- which inevitably leads to its downfall as prices are increased, and the concentration of elite members becomes diluted with more people gaining access to the club. Will Makris and Scott Sartiano have embarked on a journey to solve this longstanding problem, they have created a 20,000 square foot club at the center of New York’s NoHo neighborhood, Zero Bond. They hired famous designers William and Studio Sofield to create a majestic setting that will separate them from other private membership clubs around the world. Zero Bond showcases a design featuring serene furniture, exposed brick, and stellar Baccarat chandeliers. Zero bond will serve as a home away from home for its members with large work areas and conference rooms that create a peaceful, yet productive environment. The dining options are fantastic, with a classic American-style restaurant, as well as an Omakase bar that has a multitude of world-renowned chefs. The chefs bring their own style and cuisine, and tasty menu options that are seldom seen elsewhere. Makris and Sartiano are very dedicated to their members, as they cater to their specific needs by hosting a wide range of events, from movie screenings to wine tastings with a sommelier.

Zero Bond is set to debut in October, and with their cutting-edge vetting process, the atmosphere will be to the liking of even the most famous and affluent members. Makris and Sartiano target individual attributes to see if a a person qualifies to be part of their exclusive club, as they seek to instill a safe and secure environment, while creating an exciting, yet tranquil ambiance for their members. Zero Bond will set a tone where adhering to proper etiquette is required and expected, given the immense social status of their members. Zero Bond also serves as a great channel for members of celebrity status to go out and meet new friends of the same caliber. This is especially appealing to members as only a private membership club can offer such elite clientele, as opposed to the typical bar or nightclub. Although the club is centered around those of celebrity and elite status, Makris and Sartiano welcome all to be a part of something greater.

Zero Bond holds itself to the highest standards, making sure that the staff they employ is thoroughly trained to provide the highest level of respect and care for the members they service. Makris and Sartiano have impeccable taste and a visionary approach in the formation of Zero Bond, and it will definitely serve as a measuring stick for future exclusive membership clubs. From a superstar athlete to a top model, Zero Bond is the place to unwind and have fun with friends, all while feeling assured that safety and security is guaranteed.


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