This Is the Hot Spot to Train Like an Angel

By Christina Najjar | November 7, 2018 | Lifestyle


Andrea Rogers is the Founder and Creator of Xtend Barre, the international workout with over 98 locations worldwide, including 23 stand-alone studios in Australia and 21 in the US. Xtend Barre brings in elements of dance, ballet, and Pilates to create an adrenaline-fueled workout that strengthens, lengthens and chisels the body. In October 2018, Rogers starred in the Victoria’s Secret ‘Train Like An Angel’ campaign with Angel Martha Hunt. Rogers has trained some of the top celebrities, including Diane Kruger, Abigail Breslin, Jessica Hart, Kelly Bensimon, Nicole Trunfio, Jessica White, Jessica Gomes, Alysia Reine and more.

Rogers developed her lifelong love of movement and esteemed career as a professional dancer and choreographer. First introduced to Pilates for its therapeutic benefits, Rogers soon became certified Pilates trainer, and in an effort to offer her clients variety, fun and increase fitness benefits, she created her own innovative fusion of core dance and Pilates fundamentals. The response from her clients was fast and fierce—and they loved it, and they wanted more.

Rogers officially launched Xtend Barre in 2008, a groundbreaking program with a creative combination of traditional Pilates methods, ballet and high energy cardio designed to sculpt bodies into lean, strong, ʻdancer-likeʼ physiques.


Xtend Barre is so successful—what was your inspiration?
ANDREA ROGERS: At the core, I’m a dancer, dreamer, and an innovator. These three elements came together to conceive a movement (of body and of community) to provoke people to move their bodies, inspire confidence and improve physical and athletic ability. I started out as a dancer and immersed myself in the brilliance of Pilates. I then built Xtend Barre one person, one studio at a time.

Xtend Barre is such a hit with models and fitness fanatics alike—why do you think it appeals to everyone?
AR: At Xtend, we approach our programming in a unique and appealing way; our combination of grace and athleticism, power and strength, cardio and sweat is like no other barre program out there. We can’t forget to mention sweat. We’re not girls at the barre doing plié after plié, but a community of women, athletes, weekend warriors, and cyclists. We’re people looking for a challenge and striving to reach a goal – no matter what that goal is. We work hard and challenge ourselves each and every day and in each and every class.

Our instructors and staff are continually learning and upping their game. You’ll never walk into an Xtend Barre studio and not be greeted by name. If you’re new, you’ll feel like you’ve been part of the Xtend Barre family forever. Community is a key brand pillar for us, we strive to create something that goes far deeper than a plié.

What's your favorite class to teach?
A.R: Our signature Xtend Barre class fuels my soul! It’s our 55-minute high energy, low impact barre workout, with a pilates foundation for a full-body workout. The music is always fun and we will get your heart racing!

What's the best part about training models!
A.R: I train models the exact same way as I train my other Xtend Barre clients, incorporating exercises that chisel, tone and lengthen the muscles. We focus on hitting goals each and every session. I enjoy working with clients who are fiercely dedicated to their fitness routines and understand the value of mind-body/form focused movement.

Not surprisingly, my model clients which include Martha Hunt, Alexina Graham, and Sadie Newman, get an extra kick of motivation in the lead up to a VS fashion show, so they’ll bring their A game in every session which makes my job fun! Super excited and proud to see them hit the runway. I was lucky enough to receive an invitation from Victoria’s Secret to watch the show live, so you know I’m going to be a big cheerleader from the audience.

What are some of your favorite healthy spots in NY to fuel up between classes?
A.R: There are so many great spots in NY for healthy meals. For breakfast, BlueStone Lane menu is always delicious. For a quick juice and shot on the go, Pressed Juicery is great and popping up all over the city (their vitality & wellness shots are my favorites). As for dinner, abcV is always a no-fail, love everything about that place!

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