Yinova Opens a New Location in Brooklyn

By Christina Najjar | February 20, 2019 | Lifestyle

Yinova, a leading integrative acupuncture and Chinese medicine center, recently announced that they are expanding their practice to Brooklyn Heights to make acupuncture more accessible to the Brooklyn community. As an extension of Yinova’s flagship practice located in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, the new clinic has been designed to reflect Yinova’s personalized treatments and support their patients' unique needs. Similar to their headquarters, the Brooklyn office will be home to an experienced and caring team with specialties in fertility, reproductive health, pregnancy support and pediatrics, as well as broader health complaints such as allergies and digestive problems.


“We are overjoyed to bring the Yinova Method to Brooklyn as well as to announce that Yinova Chinese medicine practitioner, Dr. Christopher Peacock, will be the Clinic Director of the new location,” said Yinova Founder, Dr. Jill Blakeway, DACM, LAc, who will continue to oversee both locations.

“Christopher’s warmth and compassion make him especially suited to build and support the Yinova community in Brooklyn. He’s a skilled and experienced practitioner who, along with the team, will offer the same patient centered care and clinical excellence that has been a hallmark of Yinova since its inception,” added Blakeway.

The new Brooklyn space has been built with Yinova’s patients' health in mind, creating a tranquil escape that gives the community a place to gather and feels like a break from their busy lives. With 11 treatment rooms and their own in-clinic herbal pharmacy, Yinova is dedicated to providing the same level of care throughout both of their locations. They will also have a designated patient consultation room, as well as a group room that has been designed with the ability to host events, workshops, group sessions, and more.

“While I love Manhattan, my heart lives in Brooklyn. The most exciting thing about being the Clinic Director of Yinova Brooklyn is leading our team in providing the same quality of compassionate care, at another beautiful Yinova location in my favorite borough," said Christopher Peacock, DACM, LAc.

Yinova has built a reputation as one of NYC’s leading resources for fertility support, trusted by patients and clinics to provide natural solutions to enhance fertility. Jill’s first book, Making Babies, continues to be a bestseller and has helped support thousands of people to start their families. Yinova fertility patients range from couples using Chinese medicine to prepare for a healthy pregnancy, to those who are suffering from infertility who are combining Eastern medicine with conventional care to maximize the potential of assisted reproductive techniques, such as in vitro fertilization.

The news comes just short of the launch of Dr. Jill Blakeway, DACM, LAc’s new book entitled, ENERGY MEDICINE: The Science and Mystery of Healing, as Blakeway takes her readers along her global journey to better understand, apply, and explain this powerful healing force that we know as acupuncture.

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